going viral to welcome Christmas

Me: Use "meretrisha" in a sentence.
You: Use it.
Me: Meretrisha and A Happy New Year!

Okay, that wasn't funny, was it? How about this?

Me: Use "meowy" and "puppy" in a sentence.
You: That's hard. Use it.
Me: Meowy Christmas and A Puppy New Year!

Haha! Sorry about that one last joke, too. I just remembered my ex-officemates' creativity when it comes to coming up with a concept for a Christmas decoration. :-)

The company came up with a Christmas Decoration contest last 2007 as a way to motivate us more to beautify the room and give it a Christmas feel. It was a unique concept that we did for the room and we liked it but unfortunately, we didn't win. Turns out that our officemates from the other departments were more creative than us. :-)

Anyway, Christmas reminds me of gift giving, Christmas parties, and Christmas bonus.

Well, speaking of Christmas gifts, do you already have one for me? A Blackberry Curve would be nice. Actually I am just kidding because  I couldn't think of a better segway to introduce you to Noypi's entry to Sulit's viral contest. Check out his link if you want to join this viral contest, too!

Anyway, this couldn't have come at a better time because I've been meaning to greet all you modern Filipinos and Non-Filipino friends out there a "Maligayang Pasko" (Merry Christmas). So, thanks Noypi blogger for visiting my blog and for inviting me to add your e-card as a post on my blog.


  1. they said it's better to give than to receive. be better sis, send me a gift! :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! I supported Blankpixel's entry on this one. Anyway, good luck to us. Hope we get the Blackberry Curve. LOL!

  3. haha. i can't remember who coined that 'meowy christmas' thing. sounds like you were all celebrating Christmas in a vet clinic that time. i think we lost in that contest too.

    pahuwam sa imong blackberry!!! lol

  4. It is still too early to talk about Christmas since we are still in the month of November. Anyway your attempt to say something funny in your post is indeed very funny. May I be the one to greet you first Meowy Christmas and a Puppy New Year.
    Thanks for the funny post. God bless you all always.

  5. @gee: haha.. i would like for you to be the better person, instead. LOL
    @chika bits: thanks. good luck to us and all the others
    @geeten: haha.. vet clinic nga siguro ang dating because of the meowy and the puppy. LOL. we just wanted to create a fun atmosphere.
    @brother mel: thanks. :-)

  6. thanks for this po.. I really appreciate it... Goodluck po sa atin...

    By the way, I added you up on my blog list and gave you a link love on my more popular blog, http://noypistuff.blogspot.com


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