Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Winning Performance

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - at least here on A Walk Through Life. I noticed that my 2008 post A Merry Bloated Christmas has climbed up to No. 3 on the list of my Popular Posts (see sidebar).

I was still very pregnant with my daughter back then and this gave me a pretty good excuse not to join my ex-officemates during their winning performance. Yes, they bagged the First Prize for their Christmas presentation.

I was like the stage wife to my husband during this performance. I am not in this video but you could hear me laughing so hard in the background. Hahaha I was really amused. I guess when you're pregnant and bloating, you could either be super depressed or super happy - glad I felt the latter!

So, here's that controversial video I took of them where you could hear me laughing in the background. The first few minutes of the video has a dark effect because we had the lights put off to highlight the candles. But don't worry, you will not see darkness throughout this video. :-)

Meretrisha and A Happy New Year! :-)


  1. The video really brings the spirit of christmas!

  2. ok sis, i heard you laugh. naalala ko lang ung movie na Bring it On dahil sa "spirit fingers" sa dulo. hehe!

    merry christmas!!!

  3. Great video!

    Christmas is just around the corner now! My family loves the Christmas season :-)


  4. what an early christmas reminder! thanks for the post!

  5. Yes, the Christmas medley rendition of your husband and your office mates was really very good and innovative. Your group really deserved the first place in the contest. I was really amused by your loud laughing at the back ground. I'm sure you were still cute and comely even though you were pregnant then. It was just your feeling that you were bloated. Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful moment of a woman in life because she becomes a co-worker with God in the bringing of life in this world. Thanks for the cute and joyful post. God bless you all always.

  6. @jellybelly, gee, old geezer, kim, brother mel: thanks for the wonderful thoughts and comments. I hope you know I really appreciate them.

  7. That must have taken some time for them to learn that dance, they did a good job. Listening to them sing put me in the mood for Christmas! I am excited to get out my decorations today and am going to start listening to Christmas music already :-)


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