pictures are priceless!

A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. Actually, for me, it's worth more than a thousand words - they're priceless! Aside from food, family gatherings are not complete without the picture taking. Cameras are indispensable during special occasions to document important moments. If you have kids, you want to take pictures of them growing up so that you can also share it with them and to their future offspring later on.

In the past, cameras used film cartridges and you have no way of knowing if your pictures are good unless you're a professional photographer (but even professionals know the limits of films). There's also the hassle of going to developing centers because sometimes you have to go back the next day only to be told that the films were over exposed. Thanks to the new technology, we now have digital cameras. A digital camera is very user friendly and more cost-effective compared to its predecessor. All you need to have is a memory card with a hefty amount of storage capacity so that you can capture all the images that you want without worrying too much of the picture's quality because you can choose to delete the pictures if you're not happy with it. With the advent of digital cameras, film developing was replaced with photo printing, all you need is a good photo printer and good quality photo paper. Right now, we're collecting our nice photos in one place, so we can have them printed and placed on our family album.

Below is that old but priceless picture of me and my elder brother 30+ years ago. I am grateful for my parents for keeping it in a safe place.


  1. You looked very smart in this picture Meretrisha. Maliit ka pa eh biba ka na, lol. I agree with you, pictures are priceless. It's just sad that most of our family pictures were destroyed when a great flood inundated our dwelling place during a great flood two tears ago and destroyed most of our properties. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. wow! very impressive of you to have been able to keep that photo..

  3. I love your picture! I agree, pictures are priceless. They are my most prize possession!

    Thank you for the very kind comment on my blog last week, you made my day :-)


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