i'm loving my husband's humor

So, you think my husband's too serious that he can't throw in some punchlines? Well, let me prove you wrong with these two things that happened within the week.

1. I am not a singer but I love to sing. I thought my husband was already used to hearing me getting carried away with the song when his comment suddenly stopped me from belting out a song.

Husband: It's not my birthday today.
Me: I know.
Husband: Then why am I hearing a butchered pig? :-)

2. When there was power outage, we used candles to light the house because our emergency light was no longer working. I got bored waiting for the power to return so I tried to dance my boredom away by teasingly doing it in front of my husband. Hubby then exclaimed, "Where's the manager of this club? I want the dancer replaced!" Grrrr.. I hate brownouts. :-)


  1. I'm also a victim of your hubby's humor.. don't wanna elaborate..lolz

  2. hahaha. chinggu yah, i know. he can be really jokingly mean sometimes. that's his style. LOL.

  3. Yes, your husband really have a great sense of humor. Luckily, you are not pikon and you were able to take the ribbing with a grain of salt. Life would really be so boring without the proverbial sense of humor. It's just like all sunshine and no rain or all rain without sunshine. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. hahaha. lambing nya lang yan sis. i think magkakasundo sila ng hubby ko. buti di ka pa nahahawa kasi ako, medyo nahahawa na sa hubby ko! hahaha!!!

  5. HAHA! Your husband sounds like a funny guy. :-) I think humor is important in a marriage -- both giving and receiving and it sounds like you are healthy on both ends so you're set! :-)


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