growing old together

The good thing about married life is having someone to grow old together with - someone who can put up with you despite your imperfections. I'm happy that we've come this far. It's been three years of marriage and we cannot say for certain that we've learned enough about married life. What matters is that we're learning each day as it comes.

Inspired by Brother Mel's reminiscing post, I can't help but recall again the day we got married.

If you want to know how our love story began, here's a comic strip that a mutual friend (and ex office mate) introvertedwriter made for us.

When he asked me to marry him, he made it like a simple proposal. Nothing you will ever see on television or read from mushy novels but something you will read from simple blog posts like this. :-) To me, the mere fact that he asked me to marry him was already mushy enough for me. :-) He's a man of few words but with strong principles in life.

I'm not afraid if we go through highs and lows in life because we're facing both of them together - with the help of God who strengthens us.

And even though her tantrums can get irritating sometimes.....

I wouldn't want my married life any other way. :-)


  1. You have a very nice love story. I wish that you would grow old together.

  2. Happy third anniversary, my dear Meretrisha! I wish the two of you many blessed years of happiness, joy, and plenty of love. You two were destined to be together. ;)

    mwuah! Hugs to Dipx2!

  3. Congratulations, may God continue to pour out his blessings upon you and your family always!!!

    God bless!!!

  4. nalingaw ko sa picture ni dip2x, hehe. happy anniversary jo and tefen! i've greeted u na sa facebook but not here in your blog though. sory sa late greetings, hehe kabalo naka buntis, hehe. stay happy and wishing u all the best in ur married life with tefen.

  5. thank you all for the wonderful wishes!

  6. Great post! Congrats to the two of you! I loved that comic strip, how neat.

  7. oi sorry na-late na ko. anyways, my best wishes to you both. kilig ko nagtan-aw sa comic strips ni geeten. nakaremember gyud ko sa moment ...

    "Moments of love
    Bringing us closer together
    Sweet memories
    I know we'll remember forever
    Moments of love"

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. i'm happy for you sis! have a great life together. Godspeed!


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