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To let you in on one of our short-term plans, apart from being able to visit Bohol, I'd like for us to be able to visit my hometown before the year ends. I am putting it on schedule so that hubby and I would do something to be able to achieve it. We cannot just go there without clear plans because: 1) money is an issue so we have to save up for it; 2) time is also an issue so we have to find time for it. My high school batch is actually planning on a reunion this December. It's been ages ago since I saw my classmates back in high school and I'm looking forward to see them again. More importantly, I also miss miss miss the place, in a major major kind of way (inspired by Maria Venus Raj). For the record, this is going to be reunion #2 for the batch. I missed the first one because I was pregnant then. If this pushes through, I'd like my husband to see what it is like in my hometown, so this is the perfect time to go (if the budget will allow).

 Just another high school picture from my batch. 
I'm in there but you can't probably recognize me, can you?


  1. I will pray that you will save enough money so that you can proceed with your vacation in your province and attend the second reunion of your high school batch mates. Just trust in God's divine providence to provide for all your needs. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. I hope you can visit your hometown before the year ends, and that you can share your experience with everyone. I've been dying to hear about your hometown, and what it's like, because I'd love to take a little trip (even if it's online) with you!

    Also, it'd be great if you can see some of your classmates, and reminisce about good times from the past. ;)

  3. Masaya yan :) Especially if you'll have reunion with your batch. I hope your trip pushes through.

  4. @brother mel, bchai, jellybelly: thanks guys.. hopefully, we could make it there if the reunion pushes through and especially if there are also no concerns about the weather


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