celebrating friendship with the DGs

Today marks another year of my friendship with the DGs group. DG is an acronym for ("dagang guwang" - translated to "old maid"). LOL. Yes, we didn't think of getting married eleven years ago because we were either heartbroken, or, in my case, I wasn't dating anyone. As a matter of fact, our theme song at that time was "Ocean Deep" because the lyrics goes something like "Will I ever find a lover?..." hehehe

Well, more than three years ago, I already resigned as a member of the group because I already met my man but the friendship with them still remains.

So, cheers to the DGs. Hope the rest of the members find their match and get married soon.


  1. haha, katawa man ko ani DG's oi. mura maka relate man ko ani, wala lang ko nag pa officially member, haha! musta na ang mga DG's sa pinas?

  2. Hope springs eternal, so they say. Your friends must never resign to a fate of being alone for life. There is always a special someone for everyone. We only have to ask God and He will give us that special someone. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. It's my first time to hear this song sis. And my first time to hear of DG too. Glad you've resigned from the group. Hehehe.

  4. i'm sure your friends will find their "soulmate" too :)

    hoping we can exlinks:)
    online journal
    my soltero baby

  5. It's nice to know that most of the DG group resigned. Jan and I will surely find our match :-)

  6. Abi nako DG stands for Dolce & Gabbana....hehehe.
    Those girls in the DG group will surely meet their match....let God bide His own time to do that for them.

  7. That group is a great idea! I'm glad you found your match, though, and also made friends that you've kept.

    Thank you for the comments on my blog a couple of weeks ago about Joe's friend with MS and Logan's big boy bed. He is loving it, I just posted a huge update!

  8. same as I Love-Hate America, i think DG is Dolce & Gabbana hehehehe...

  9. God has blessed you with a partner and I hope they get their own soul mates too :)

  10. thank you friends..
    oh, Dolce & Gabbana hahaha - sorry for misleading you guys but no not all of us are fashionable. at least not me..

  11. I have not officially resigned yet...I'm still one of the original member of the DG...but hey! After 32 yrs of heartache...and rebound....smiles and insanity moment brought about by trying to find that guy...I finally can say, I find him in the most unexpected ways...:) I guess ill be resigning and be military wife soon..what a journey will that be....jamiel:)

  12. @jamiel: my dear friend, i am very happy that you have already found the one. isn't he worth the wait? i think so.
    btw, jan, sign up for a gmail account if you don't like to appear as "anonymous". it's so easy to create a gmail account.


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