can't wait for October!

Okay. It is still September. I thought I should sing Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" because I couldn't wait for the great month of October to come! Well, there's a reason why I am looking forward to October because some time next month hubby and I will be celebrating our third year wedding anniversary! I know we still have a long way to go but hopefully with God's help we can maintain the same love and respect that we have for each other until death do us part. :-)

I am just so glad to be blessed with a really wonderful husband. Today, I looked back at what I have written about married life and I realized that nothing has really changed much. We are still the same simple couple with simple dreams. I am not getting any younger (and so does he) but I still feel the same love love love for my husband. And now that we have a toddler, I still have so much love love love.

It's been a busy September so far (and I have a really bad cold) but the song from Jason Castro "Let's Fall In Love Again" sends me a really feel good feeling today. Love is indeed contagious. So, I'd like to share this song to you guys. Hopefully, it will be a mushy Tuesday for all of you...


  1. Let me be the first one to greet you both a Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary. It's great to know that your love for each other is as strong as when you first started in your married life. It even grew more with the addition of your baby- Dipdip. Thanks for the mushy post. God bless you all always.

  2. Happy should always be like that---always in love with your husband.....I'm so glad and happy for you that you and your hubby are still the same in-love couple years ago.....let the Lord the ruler and center of your marriage, and He will add years to your wedded bliss.

  3. Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary.... same as me. I also wedding anniversary in October

  4. Happy 3rd anniversary, hun. I know it's still a bit early, but I wanted to wish you and your beloved a wonderful and blessed wedding anniversary. I'm so happy Dipdip is there to share her parent's joy, and to help you guys celebrate! ;) Mwuah! Happy, happy anniversary to a fantastic couple, and I wish you two many more blissful, loving, and happy years together!

  5. @lyla: thanks.. visited your blog today
    @bchai: thanks for the nice words.. i wish the same for you as well with your marriage. cheers to us.. now that would make the four of us celebrating wedding annivs on october (me, jenn, bchai and lyla)

  6. @bingkee: thanks for the wonderful words as well. you're right, we should always put God at the center of our marriage

  7. Happy early anniversary! October is my favorite month!


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