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celebrating friendship with the DGs

Today marks another year of my friendship with the DGs group. DG is an acronym for (" dagang guwang " - translated to " old maid "). LOL. Yes, we didn't think of getting married eleven years ago because we were either heartbroken, or, in my case, I wasn't dating anyone. As a matter of fact, our theme song at that time was " Ocean Deep " because the lyrics goes something like " Will I ever find a lover? ..." hehehe Well, more than three years ago, I already resigned as a member of the group because I already met my man but the friendship with them still remains. So, cheers to the DGs. Hope the rest of the members find their match and get married soon.

reminiscing on the old times

I'm here again reminiscing on the old times. My thoughts are now bringing me back to the day when Stephen, together with his family, went over to my parents' house in Medellin to ask for my hand in marriage. Well actually, I rode with them on a two hour drive from the city to be their road map. It was nothing too formal, by the way. Just some casual talk, a few drinks and some karaoke for a little entertainment I couldn't believe this was all happening right in our living room. Yes, the living room was my favorite part of the house because it was where the family would sit down to watch tv together or to talk about a lot of things. I then realized that we were all sitting there full house to discuss about getting married. That was the first time that Stephen's parents visited our humble abode that I had wished we had them seated comfortably on a beautiful Modern Furniture because I really want to make a good impression when I don't really have to because S

music monday: opposites attract by juris

I have a new favorite song that I would like to share with all the music monday participants and to my few mashkan readers as well. Sometimes I do feel like the easiest job in the world that won't feel like a job at all would be being a DJ on the radio. Oh, that's if you like all kinds of music and you love to chit chat with your listeners. Agree or disagree? Hmmm, just a thought but I am actually not considering it because I don't have a lovely speaking voice, anyway. LOL. Anyway, going back to the song - this one is entitled "Opposites Attract", sang by one of my favorite OPM singers, Juris Fernandez. She was once the lead vocalist to the MYMP band. Now, she's a signed member of the ASAP Sessionistas . I dedicate this song to my hubby.  I really can't wait for October , huh! Check out the song - nice melody, nice lyrics, nice voice. What a great package! Opposites Attract (Lyrics) You're a morning kind of person Everything is spic and s

wordless wednesday: who did i end up with?


why not let the card speak for your business?

My uncle M had been singing in different bars and hotels ever since I was about six or seven years old. He does not only sing - he plays the guitar, the piano and he makes the audience laugh with his jokes and antics. Today, I heard he would also add some "magic" tricks to please his audience, a new talent he had learned from the Internet. When he was here, he took the time to have a really good photo of him taken. I can still remember his very first business card - he had used the beautiful view of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol as the background and he was sitting on a chair with the guitar on his lap. Well, that was like nine or ten years ago then... The card had his name with the title "Multitalented Artist" and contact details. With the use of business cards, he was able to manage his own career and he had a lot of bookings. Today, you can easily have custom business cards online to speak for your business. If you want your businesses to stand out, it is not

can't wait for October!

Okay. It is still September. I thought I should sing Green Day's " Wake Me Up When September Ends " because I couldn't wait for the great month of October to come! Well, there's a reason why I am looking forward to October because some time next month hubby and I will be celebrating our third year wedding anniversary! I know we still have a long way to go but hopefully with God's help we can maintain the same love and respect that we have for each other until death do us part. :-) I am just so glad to be blessed with a really wonderful husband. Today, I looked back at what I have written about married life and I realized that nothing has really changed much. We are still the same simple couple with simple dreams. I am not getting any younger (and so does he) but I still feel the same love love love for my husband. And now that we have a toddler, I still have so much love love love . It's been a busy September so far (and I have a really bad cold) but

short term visiting plans

To let you in on one of our short-term plans, apart from being able to visit Bohol, I'd like for us to be able to visit my hometown before the year ends. I am putting it on schedule so that hubby and I would do something to be able to achieve it. We cannot just go there without clear plans because: 1) money is an issue so we have to save up for it; 2) time is also an issue so we have to find time for it. My high school batch is actually planning on a reunion this December. It's been ages ago since I saw my classmates back in high school and I'm looking forward to see them again. More importantly, I also miss miss miss the place, in a major major kind of way (inspired by Maria Venus Raj). For the record, this is going to be reunion #2 for the batch. I missed the first one because I was pregnant then. If this pushes through, I'd like my husband to see what it is like in my hometown, so this is the perfect time to go (if the budget will allow).  Just another high school