trying out a new way of setting goals

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. – Japanese Proverb
I looked in the mirror today and realized I am already getting older. Honestly, I keep forgetting how old I am until my next birthday comes and people would ask my age. That's when I would instantly use calculator application on my desktop and subtract the year I was born to the current year today and I couldn't believe that the resulting difference represents my own age. Haha! I keep telling them though what I read somewhere that it is not polite to ask a woman her age. At the back of my mind, however, I would already have some panicky feeling about my age and how much I have yet to accomplish in life. Has it been less than a year ago  since I've written about my legacies in life?

I believe I'm still not far from fulfilling my dreams for my family and even the goals I have set for myself although I am afraid that without a clear timeline, I would not have enough time to fulfill them. I must admit that sometimes I would want to have a clear vision of what I want done within a certain period of time. Although I really don't know if I'll reach that certain period of time because everything works according to God's will, it still makes a difference to have short-term and long-range goals so that I won't go farther away from fulfilling them.

Interestingly enough, I have found a social networking site that can help me lay down the goals, plans, activities that hubby and I have set together to accomplish within a period of time. This is relatively new to me but the site allows me to add our goals in private mode. However, just as there are goals and activities that are just too personal to be shared, there are also goals that we'd like to share for others to see and get involved with.

Sometimes it would take another person, even a stranger or someone with similar goals as ours, to drive us into achieving them. Get inspired to do something new without going too far away with fulfilling all that you really intend to do in life. Like me, if this is something you also find interesting, you know what to do - Register now and get started. I actually just got myself registered today and found it interesting to be able to read what other people's goals are and what they are actually doing to achieve them. If you'd like to do the same, you will only have to fill up just a couple of things, the same way you would do with other social networking sites. Not sure? Answers here. I'll see you there then.


  1. Whoa! I thought it's only me. I also have to calculate my age lately (not always with a calculator though) to know my age. LOL, I stopped keeping track of it I think 5 years ago. Now, I can't answer immediately when someone will ask about my age. I have to compute it first using the formula that you're also using. hehehe.

  2. me too, i forget how old am i, just because hubby always tells me i'm still 29. hahaha! for some reason i get to think that i'm really still 29, du'h! last doctor's appt. we had, the nurse asked us to check the patient's info sheet if we had some corrections before she'll proceed with the sugar test blood sample, jeff and i went over the sheet of paper then suddenly he blurted, "oh, she's only 29 and pointed at the info that says 32". bueng man ni si bana oi katawa gud ang nurse kay nakalitan man ko, and i said "Whaat?" it's ok jo oi, bisan tiguls na ta, as long as we're happy and we're in love, that's all that matters, di ba?

  3. @gee/jenn: LOL.. at least that makes the three of us now with some sort of selective amnesia re: age

  4. If someone asks you for your age, just tell them that you're FOREVER 21. LOL. At least, that's what I do. ;)

    You found another social networking site? ;) I think I've sort of abandoned the sites I used to frequent...only because I've been a bit busy. I might have to pick it back up again when I have time. ;)

  5. thanks bchai.. i'll have to remember to say forever 21 when my birthday comes


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