our toddler copycat

Having a baby is really life-changing. I really believe that becoming parents is the best thing that has ever happened to me and hubby. She’s already one year and five months old – look at how far we’ve come! Even though we’re working everyday and she is under the care of our nanny while we go to work, we are still able to closely watch her grow. I can still say that we’re still hands-on parents to her. You see, we are working in the convenience of our home; so there’s not a single day that we don’t get to see her.

Our toddler is a real copycat. She would observe how I would click and scroll the mouse and type something on my keyboard. She would like to do them as well. Oh well, what is ten minutes a day of distraction, right?

Two weeks ago, she showed us another talent of hers. She can already climb up our rustic furniture in three counts. Next thing we knew she was already standing and smiling at us, as if to brag about her newly discovered talent. This week, she climbed up the rustic chair that was placed near the door of our vintage-looking house (LOL). Our toddler copycat stood on the furniture so she could be tall enough to reach the doorknob and to turn it open. Clever girl! I guess she had been studying how we would open the door so she could copy it. And she did. Fortunately, she’s not strong enough to open the door herself. Right now, I am the nervous mom each time she would do that because if nobody notices her doing her climbing stunts, she could really hurt herself if she falls.

Now, it seems like she wants to try the stairs as well. How do you think I am feeling recently?


  1. did she try the stairs? my little boy climbs up if left alone and when he wants our attention.

  2. Yes, you must be standing on needles and pins worrying about the safety of your energetic and adventurous girl. She is in her stage of development where she could hurt herself discovering the novel things that she can do. Good thing you are always there to watch and protect her. What is the nature of your work that both you and your hubby can be at home? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. i can tell you and tefen are really enjoying so much being parents to dipdip! kids really grow so fast, before u know it, you're going to have a dalaginding soon, jo! hehe

  4. Yikes---let's hope Dipx2 isn't climbing the stairs without someone watching her! ;) Maybe you can put some guard / gate up so that she doesn't head up or downstairs without anyone knowing. Glad to hear she's doing great, and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for mommy & daddy.

  5. it's scary when they climb up furniture. they probably are not aware that they'll get hurt so BAD when they fall. my little girl is like that too.

  6. She sounds so entertaining! What a big girl she is getting to be. . .I can relate to the feelings being the Mama!!!

  7. @juliet: yes she did try the stairs.. so this is what's like to be parents of a toddler, huh! :-)
    @brother mel: thanks.. re: nature of our work, it's BPO. :-)
    @jenn: thanks.. hopefully you and jeff will soon experience the joys of (and some struggles with) parenting soon..it's going to be fun!
    @bchai: thanks.. we can still stop her from climbing the stairs though but we're considering creating a fence so she can't get to the stairs by herself
    @gee: i agree.. now we just have to be watchful of them
    @andrea: thanks.. cheers to us parents!

  8. Kids at these age are so amusing. That's why parents should be careful in their actions around their children because kids respond more through actions displayed rather than words spoken by parents.

  9. @bingkee: i agree with you. we're more careful now actually. thanks for the visit.


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