music monday - where are you now?

Happy Monday, everyone. We've been singing along with this song that's been playing on the radio for weeks now. So, I'd like to share this one as my entry for Music Monday. It's called Where Are You Now by Honor Society band. Ever heard of it? Even though not all the lyrics to the song fit me but somehow I can relate a little (or probably more) - especially when it comes to memories of high school and friends, best friends and some secret stuff. :-)

Okay. This video already has one million plus views. So I wouldn't be surprised if you've already watched it. LOL. Just wanted to share. So, for those who have not yet seen it or heard the song, go ahead and indulge. :-)

So, what do you remember when you listen to this song?


  1. I always hear this when I listen to the online streaming of Love Radio but this is the first time I have seen this video. Thanks for sharing sis.

  2. you're welcome sis.. thanks for taking the time to check out the video

  3. Hi Meretrisha,
    Wala ka pang email feed. Meron ka lang RSS reader feed. Hindi ko na kasi nadadalaw ang aking reader feed dahil sa volume nang emails ko pero kung papasok sa mail box ko ay siguradong mababasa ko at makakapag comment ako. Alam mo naman na napakarami nang blogs ko at napakarami din nang nagcocommunicate sa akin at very limited lang ang oras ko sa computer kaya hindi ako masyadong makapag blog hop gustuhin ko man. Gusto ko kasing hindi maputol ang pag comment ko sa blogs mo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Hmmm...this song (and video) makes me think of one of my first boyfriend. LOL. Dunno why, but the scene by the pool party just makes me think about him and wonder where he is right now.

  5. @brother mel: i think i already have it now.. thanks
    @bchai: i guess it is alright to wonder, right? hehehe

  6. What a nice song! I had never heard it, or the band before, but I really liked them, their voices/music, and the lyrics to this. I think it'd be perfect for class reunions. It was a very feel-good song. . .sometimes when I think back to high school I either get nostalgic or have bad memories! So I liked the way this made me feel. Thanks for sharing. And also - thank you for the congrats on my blog recognition a couple of weeks ago!

  7. hi andrea.. glad you liked it. and oh, about your award - you deserve it.


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