a coffee-inspired life, anyone?

I ran into this beautiful video presentation about seeing life through a cup of coffee. I'd like to share it with you guys so we can all have a coffee-inspired life. :-)

I guess, at some point, we are guilty for choosing the best cups even if what we really wanted was the coffee.

Today, I resolve to enjoy  my coffee everyday even when they are not served from the best cups! Care to drink with me?


  1. The first time I'd encountered this message, it was still a forwarded email message. Now, it's already in video.

    I wish living life is as simple as sipping coffee from a cup. However, I see life as a cup given to all of us, it's what we put in it that makes a difference. You can have coffee, tea, juice, plain water or leave it empty. I think it's more complex - a more fitting comparison of life. (hmmm... I probably will post about this in my blog. LOL!)

  2. Our internet pace is crawling that is why I could not get the video in its entirety. Anyway, I shall come back again and see the message of the video. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. @gee: yeah, go ahead... you should write about it in your blog. looks like you've got interesting points of view about life as well.
    @bro mel: ok.. :-)

  4. the video's message is very beautiful indeed.. reminding us to make our lives worthwhile..

  5. @kimmy: thanks. visited your site today. :-)

  6. I'll have a cup with you anytime and any day, hun. ;)

    I like the message of this video to "live simply," and enjoy what you have in your life. Thanks for sharing the video, dear!


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