what better way to come back...

than to say.. Happy 4th of July to my friends and relatives from different states of America... As far as I can remember, I have friends and relatives from the following states:

Florida - oh, bchai should be one of these people
New Jersey - my aunt and her family lives there
Washington - a nurse friend lives and works there (with family)
Texas - another childhood friend..(I haven't seen her for ages until one day I got an FB message and was surprised to see pictures of how beautiful and sexy she has turned out over the years that we hadn't seen her.. She used to be so boyish back then).
California - another nurse friend works there
Nebraska - Is that where you're from, Andrea?

Hmmm, I guess I'm having mental blockout. I could not go on. I forgot all the other states where my friends are at. I guess I should really do better than this.

On another important note, July 4th is also Philippine-American Friendship Day. So I guess, in some way, we're one with America in celebrating Independence Day; although officially our Philippine Independence Day was on June 12th.

Anyway, this is just a prelude to my comeback.. testing the waters... :-) Just trying to say I'm still alive.

To my blogger friends, if I haven't mentioned your state here.. please feel free to add in the comments section. :-)


  1. I'm so happy that you are back to active blogging again. Your readers have missed you so much. Happy Fourth of July to all who reside in the US especially our Pilipino blogger friends there. You mentioned about some sickness in your comments to my blog. I hope you can be more specific so I can focus my prayers for you. Thanks for the post and your visit to my blog. God bless you all always.

  2. Welcome back, hun! I SOOOOO missed you. I was having Meretrisha withdrawals, since I'm a mashkan. LOL. Glad to see you're back, even for a little bit. ;)

    Oh yep---you're right: I do count Florida as my home state, so no matter which state (or country) we're living in, we always have our hearts set to Florida! ;)

  3. @brother mel: thanks.. i am actually okay now. last time, i found it hard to move (sit, stand, get to bed, etc.) without feeling any pain on my right butt and leg--i figured it was a bad case of arthritis after eating meat, peanuts, and mung beans during the entire week. it was aggravated because i almost went 24/7 working on my computer for 2 successive days. had to rest and was absent from work for two days and had to make up and catch up on my deadlines.. perhaps i should write about it later.

    bchai: i miss you too my dear mashkan friend.. reminds me that my mashkan awards for june is already due!

  4. Yes, I am from Nebraska -- thank you so much for mentioning me! :-) And also for the 4th of July wish and what you said on my post about my husband's birthday. :-) I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. ako ba na imo girefer na friend from california?


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