on happiness is not a fish...

A whattt? My elder brother's shirt reads "Happiness is not a fish..." If you ask me, it's like a strange description of what happiness is not.

I've googled for "happiness is not a fish" and I then realized that it is actually part of the lyrics of a song from the rock genre. "Happiness is not a fish that you can catch." Does it make sense now? :-)

Do I think so? I am actually not sure. What's running in my head right now is that we all have a different way of seeing and feeling true happiness. Some people may find it easy to catch a fish and they're already fine and happy with it. Some find it difficult as well. However, for some people, happiness cannot be compared to catching a fish and neither can it be measured by the type of fish being caught. :-)

Oh, in any case, it doesn't matter if we don't know what happiness is not. As long as we know what happiness is. This post may sound crap but I am actually surprised because I like the way I am thinking right now. Caffeinated thinking... LOL. I hope this will not be grounds for me to get stripped off the two "Substance Awards" that I just received recently. Speaking of awards (Mashkan Award and Substance Award), I have yet to do them on my subsequent posts. So, stay tuned for that!
In case you are wondering why I am pondering about this happiness and fish thing, it is because July 14th is my brother's birthday. This is just my way of remembering him on his birthday...


  1. LOL...I was wondering where that saying came from---now I know! You know, I like shirts with ambiguous sayings, because people read it, and they're like, "huh???"

    Happy belated birthday to your kuya! Oh, and I agree with you here: it's better to know what happiness is and the feeling of it. Don't dwell on negative emotions, but find the joy in positive ones, right? ;)

    LOL...you must've been on a caffeine high. ;)

  2. Happy belated birthday to your brother! Hehe, this post actually made a lot of sense, I like thinking like that :-)

  3. hello dear! thanks for dropping by! just want to let you know that i grabbed your badge and followed your blog. hope you can also grab my badge back. thanks! have a nice day!

  4. Happiness is fleeting and is contingent on outside forces. What we should strive at is joy which is permanent and brought about by the presence of the Lord in our hearts. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. I agree with Kuya Mel about happiness is fleeting.Indeed there's no such thing as permanent on this world.

    Passing by here from Kuya Mel's blog.

  6. so cute! for me, happiness is a decision and a state of mind. you can always choose to be happy, no matter what the circumstance you are in. :D

  7. thank you guys for sharing your thoughts on happiness :-)


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