Music Monday: A House Is Not A Home

Here's the late Luther Vandross' version of A House Is Not A Home. I love this song - this was exactly the song I had in mind when I wrote about our house.. ER.. home sweet home. For me, whether it's from Dionne Warwick or Luther Vandross, this song is timeless!

I must say though that I love how Luther Vandross sang it with so much emotion. In fact, someone described it as "flawless" even though this was sang live. Check out the music video and you'll know why.

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  1. Yes, Luther Vandross made a soulful rendition of the song A House Is Not A Home originally sung and popularized by Dionne Warwick. The live performance of Luther Vandross was so emotional and sentimental that Dionne Warwick, sitting in the audience, could not help but shed a tear of appreciation for the exceptional and soulful rendition of her song. Your choosing it as your own favorite song also show that you are an emotional and sentimental person full of heart and soul in your inmost being. You have the capacity to love so much. Thanks for the emotional post. God bless you all always.

  2. Great choice, Meretrisha! I love Vandross' romantic songs because they're great to snuggle to with a loved one. ;)

    It's so sweet seeing Warwick wipe the tears from her eyes when Luther hits the climax of the song. ;)

  3. I agree! Both Luther and Dionne are forever!!!

  4. Im little to join this. I'll try next...
    By the way, I followed you on google connect and networked blog hope you'll do the same. Thanks!
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  5. @brother mel: thanks. i guess i am emotional because i easily get carried away with great music, great rendition and all that.. you're right, Dionne Warwick went emotional with his performance, too :-)
    @bchai/andrea: thank you my pretty friends.. :-)
    @ilovepink1078: thanks, too.. followed you already


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