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Last week, I got a message from a friend of mine who I have not heard of in a while. Well, let me correct that- she was the one who has not heard from me in a while. I know it is so easy to connect with her because of the existence of social networking sites that can somehow help bridge the distance between us. However, I had been so busy these days that I haven’t really checked and updated anything in a while. In short, busyness is almost my business these days.

Well, anyway, her message came as a good reminder to catch up on everybody else so it won’t feel like I am shutting them down out of my life. She had asked me some ideas about how to set up a great party for a grand reunion with their clan. This year, it is their family’s turn to host the reunion party. I am not really a party person, so I was really surprised that she wants to know my opinion about what kind of party the family would throw in that would make every member of the clan look forward to going.

For a while, I forgot that she actually believes I am nosy—oopps… I guess the correct word should be “resourceful”! So, I searched a few terms here and there about planning great parties, feasts, etc. This actually led me to suggest to her to host a Luau party at a beautiful resort. She can actually ask for some help with the resort to help her set up a Hawaiian theme for a party – mouth-watering Hawaiian dishes, refreshing drinks and beautiful Hawaiian music. Great Hawaiian ambiance, great food, great drinks, great music – sounds interesting, right? Well, I think she’s already sold out to the idea of putting up a Hawaiian party at a beautiful resort because the idea of sending luau invitations already excites her. Now, what’s left to do is to get the approval of her folks so that she can start with the necessary preparations for that great luau party. Now, I’m beginning to get excited for the outcome of their reunion. Too bad, we’re not related, LOL! :-)


  1. A luau party is indeed very exciting although holding it in a resort would be quite expensive. For those who have the money, this is an exciting party indeed. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. I've been to a few luaus, and they're certainly entertaining. The best part is the food, of course! Next would be the Polynesian dancers and flame throwers. LOL. ;)

  3. @brother mel/bchai: thanks.. indeed, a luau party should be an exciting event. i hope i can get to attend to at least one.

  4. How fun!!! I would love to attend or host a Hawaiian party. I bet she is going to have a blast.

    Thank you for the comments on my blog this week! Haha, that is okay that you accidentally called me bchai :-) I appreciated your nice words about me, Logan, and my brother. I'm glad you enjoyed my Music Monday and picked up your award. I'm touched that you will miss my blog, I promise to keep in touch!


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