the burglar's story

I was scanning through mom's journal again and found this interesting to share to everybody. This is great for Sunday reflection. So, in spirit, I asked her permission for her journal to guest post on my blog. I think she said yes! So here it goes...

My eldest sister and her husband went mountain climbing. No one's going to be left home except my brother S who was living with them. Supposedly, the house could be my mother's place if everybody's out but she visited me here in the province.

Brother S who was to man the house had a class in the morning so no one was around except when his class in the afternoon would end. So, he decided to bolt the door while he was yet away.

Without his knowledge, a burglar decided to pass through the kitchen door by breaking the door itself. He must have seen a movie how to climb a house with surrounding broken glass fences. In short, he was able to take all my sister's valuable movable assets especially the ones she has just brought home from abroad.

When all of them arrived, they just noticed the neighbors flocking in front of the closed gate. They were informed that a loud crash caught their attention, presumably from broken windows. One closed-door neighbor had identified the suspect as one who pretended to pee in front of the house everytime there are passersby.

The culprit was traced by a hired policeman to personally follow-up the case. The burglar got caught and confessed his loot was already at the pawnshop and he produced the receipts and these were all recovered by my sister.

When everything has been checked on whatever was in the house, they noticed one valuable thing missing - a unique desk clock made in Japan and this was my mother's property that lodge there.

Even if he was boxed by the neighbors who got irked by this culprit's series of theft in this community, he just cried real tears telling them that he has returned everything and has not seen a desk clock that was mentioned. No desk clock has been squeezed from him.

When brother S had the chance to visit me and my mom in the province, he saw the "missing item" in my house. "God, we sinned against the burglar, it's here, he has not taken this but he almost got killed!"

"Mama came with that. She said it's a gift from the Japanese girl!," I told him.

But Mama said to brother S, "Why be guilty on this burglar? He has damaged your sister's property and he deserved punishment!" At this, we all laughed.

Reading this over and over again, I guess they have indeed sinned against the burglar for accusing him of stealing something that he didn't. I think that was too cruel of the community who almost killed him. Don't you think so?


  1. it might seem unfair to be accused of stealing something he did not steal. However, he wouldn't be in that position if he hadn't been stealing in the first place. In that situation, I doubt if anyone would believe a burglar. Good thing your brother wasn't home. No telling what burglars are capable of doing.

  2. This is a very revealing story. The burglar was guilty of stealing and even if he was wrongly accused of stealing an item he did not actually stole, those who accused him should not be faulted for he was indeed a robber and a crook. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. I probably would've been blinded by rage to care if he stole other things in my house or not. I'm just hot-tempered like that. Still, why feel sorry for the burglar? Why give him the benefit of the doubt in the first place? He committed a crime, vandalized property, and could've jeopardized the lives of your loved ones. He's lucky the people didn't beat him to death. Hopefully, that burglar changed his ways, and isn't committing any crimes now.

  4. @twerp/brother mel/bchai: i guess the three of you have the same opinion. thanks for your inputs. :-)

  5. Since it was an honest mistake, I don't feel they sinned against the burglar. When a person does something bad they have to know there will be consequences - so hopefully that taught the burglar a lesson not to do it again! I'm so glad that your mom's sister got all of her things back and that her family wasn't hurt.


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