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a day too late for wordless post

It's too late for Wordless Wednesday, indeed. I'll make sure to put some words still to these pictures. Inspired by Andrea's look alike post, I tried this one just for fun. I wonder how they got those percentages :-) Neighbors, beware! Flower picker on the loose. LOL

on happiness is not a fish...

A whattt? My elder brother's shirt reads " Happiness is not a fish... " If you ask me, it's like a strange description of what happiness is not. I've googled for "happiness is not a fish" and I then realized that it is actually part of the lyrics of a song from the rock genre. " Happiness is not a fish that you can catch. " Does it make sense now? :-) Do I think so? I am actually not sure. What's running in my head right now is that we all have a different way of seeing and feeling true happiness. Some people may find it easy to catch a fish and they're already fine and happy with it. Some find it difficult as well. However, for some people, happiness cannot be compared to catching a fish and neither can it be measured by the type of fish being caught. :-) Oh, in any case, it doesn't matter if we don't know what happiness is not. As long as we know what happiness is. This post may sound crap but I am actually surprised bec

someone's PR3 blog needs a new home

I just read from a friend's blog at At Home With Georyl , that her other blog needs a new home. Mind you, it's a special blog in the sense that it has already acquired a PR3 status. I know she has reasons for giving up this PR3 blog of hers but I thought maybe she shouldn't think of giving it up. In fact, I just pledged to be her co-author so that we can work around topics to write for the blog. However, if she's seriously considering a new foster home, I'd gladly receive it with open arms. It's not that hard to maintain her blog because being a twitterer , you can always work around writing topics that could be of interest to everyone. So, that's what I'm going to do mostly if I become the rightful foster parent. Just in case she chooses somebody else, well I'd still check and see who's that lucky one and will still visit the blog whoever that new owner will be. On that note, she is seriously considering a new foster parent. So, if anyone

the burglar's story

I was scanning through mom's journal again and found this interesting to share to everybody. This is great for Sunday reflection. So, in spirit, I asked her permission for her journal to guest post on my blog. I think she said yes! So here it goes... My eldest sister and her husband went mountain climbing. No one's going to be left home except my brother S who was living with them. Supposedly, the house could be my mother's place if everybody's out but she visited me here in the province. Brother S who was to man the house had a class in the morning so no one was around except when his class in the afternoon would end. So, he decided to bolt the door while he was yet away.

a little resourcefulness helps

Last week, I got a message from a friend of mine who I have not heard of in a while. Well, let me correct that- she was the one who has not heard from me in a while. I know it is so easy to connect with her because of the existence of social networking sites that can somehow help bridge the distance between us. However, I had been so busy these days that I haven’t really checked and updated anything in a while. In short, busyness is almost my business these days. Well, anyway, her message came as a good reminder to catch up on everybody else so it won’t feel like I am shutting them down out of my life. She had asked me some ideas about how to set up a great party for a grand reunion with their clan. This year, it is their family’s turn to host the reunion party. I am not really a party person, so I was really surprised that she wants to know my opinion about what kind of party the family would throw in that would make every member of the clan look forward to going. For a while, I

Music Monday: A House Is Not A Home

Here's the late Luther Vandross ' version of A House Is Not A Home . I love this song - this was exactly the song I had in mind when I wrote about our house.. ER.. home sweet home . For me, whether it's from Dionne Warwick or Luther Vandross, this song is timeless! I must say though that I love how Luther Vandross sang it with so much emotion. In fact, someone described it as "flawless" even though this was sang live. Check out the music video and you'll know why. Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice. PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

what better way to come back...

than to say.. Happy 4th of July to my friends and relatives from different states of America... As far as I can remember, I have friends and relatives from the following states: Florida - oh, bchai should be one of these people New Jersey - my aunt and her family lives there Washington - a nurse friend lives and works there (with family) Texas - another childhood friend..(I haven't seen her for ages until one day I got an FB message and was surprised to see pictures of how beautiful and sexy she has turned out over the years that we hadn't seen her.. She used to be so boyish back then). California - another nurse friend works there Nebraska - Is that where you're from, Andrea? Hmmm, I guess I'm having mental blockout. I could not go on. I forgot all the other states where my friends are at. I guess I should really do better than this. On another important note, July 4th is also Philippine-American Friendship Day . So I guess, in some way, we're one w