so this is why i got scared (joke only)

At her very young age of one year and two months, I think somehow my toddler already knows how to pay attention. So, in many of our walks in the mooonlit night, I kept asking Dipdip this question, "Where's the star?" and then I would also teach her the answer "Star! (pointing my finger up in the sky)". I was amazed because each time I would ask her that question, I would instantly get an answer from her by pointing her finger up in the sky.

So, this is why I got scared hehehe... fast forward...

When her nanny went home last Saturday and Sunday to take her long overdue day offs, hubby and I had our daughter all to our care. I thought she'd show signs of missing her nanny but I think she completely forgot about her.

So, when we walked outdoors again one early Saturday night, I tried asking my daughter "Where's Ate Virgie?"

Oh my, she was pointing her finger up in the sky! :-)
(Oh okay, she's just a baby but for the life of me, I hurriedly sent an SMS to her nanny to check on her.. LOL)


  1. LOL...Good thing your Ate Virgie's okay. :)

    I'm glad you and Dipx2 are out enjoying your nightly walks together!

  2. si dip2x liwat sa iya mama, si-aw!, haha!

  3. Awe, so cute! Did you tell the nanny the story when you checked on her? I wonder what she thought, haha!

    By the way, thank you for your comments on my blog this week! That was nice what you said about Logan being smart :-)

    LOL, yes, he said "no" when I first asked him to help me draw the winner of my giveaway. . .I didn't know if he was going to have a "two-year-moment" or not but thankfully he came around!

  4. Sobra ka namang matatakutin. Siyempre ang mga babies eh natututo sa rote memory kaya't kadalasan ay automatic ang answer nila, lol. Akala mo me masamang nangyari na sa yaya niya, lol. Leave everything to God and you will stop all your anxieties. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. Ka-cute ba anang baby nimo uy...heheeh

  6. hahahaha that's have nice weekend.:) tc

  7. @bchai/andrea: yeah, she (Virgie) was/is okay. thankfully LOL. i told her about it too
    @jenn: hehe.. my preggy friend, thanks for the visit
    @brother mel: oo nga pala hehe. thanks
    @bingkee: thanks! pretty much enjoying parenting
    @leah: thanks.. good to hear from you again..

  8. ur baby is smart, don't be scared

  9. hahaha ang cute! kakatuwa sila talaga at this age. you never know what will stick in their minds. you'll be surprised na lang.

  10. Haha! Ginawang start si Ate Virgie! :)

  11. cute po naman ng name ng baby nyo dipdip,very unique.



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