the need for a dining room set

When I was a child, my mom used to tell me that she really believed that dreams can come true and that if I really pray and wish to have something with all of my heart, I just might get it at the right time. What she had wished for at that time was a beautiful house with an orchard. We would take a stroll together and then we would stare at the exact house that she liked and then wished long and hard for it. Even though that dream never got fulfilled during her lifetime, I believe that her dream was more than fulfilled UP there.

Well, anyway, even though our house was nothing like the house that my mom dreamed about having, I still am thankful that we have settled here. My dream is for us to finally be able to make the improvements on it someday. Also, I've been wanting to get us a new Dining Room Set. I've seen the need to own one because when my in-laws or my family would come over, we could not get them properly seated during dinner time. It seems like it will take awhile to be able to finally turn that into a reality but I'll patiently wait for better times.


  1. I do hope your wish comes true. I think it will in time though.

    When you do get your dining set, how about I come over & have dinner with y'all? ;)

  2. I believe your dream is possible! And I also agree that I bet your mom's dream has been fulfilled in heaven!

    Thank you for your two comments on my tidbits and more tidbits posts last week!

  3. There are a lot of methods in making our wishes come true. One is praying. Another is purposeful thinking or imaging. They say that what you wish for and constantly project in your mind's eyes will come into reality somehow, someway. But the best of course is combining praying with imaging. We can pray to God about what we want and visualize the thing that we are praying for. If our faith is strong enough and if our prayer is consonant with the will of God, our prayers will be granted. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. hi marie. wish i could sponsor your dining table set, but i am broke! ha.ha. i never thought having a house will make me this broke. lol. i think we're pretty much in the same situation these days - we're both looking forward to finishing our dream homes.

    but i guess you beat me to it. you already have the complete ingredients for a dream home and that's a wonderful family!

    cheers to our dreams!

  5. @bchai: thanks! i'd sure love to have you guys around
    @andrea: thanks.. and thank you for all the comments to my previous posts!
    @brother mel: prayer + imaging -- thanks.. i won't forget that
    @shieng: you actually got me teary-eyed today.. hugs to you.. haven't seen you in a while


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