baby talk (wanted: interpreter)

Does anybody know how to interpret what my one year old princess is actually talking about here? I can't seem to transcribe her words more clearly. For those who can give an interesting interpretation, I'm giving 100 EC credits. Is that a good deal? :-)

I am really amazed at how interested she is in communicating to us even though her words don't make any sense just yet. Oh, what a milestone!


  1. hahahaha.... hilarious dipdip! sounds Korean to me!

  2. haha how cute! I think I heard something sounding like "open the door" and "there." That's it. everything else sounded Martian to me LOL

  3. Dipx2's saying, "Where are my matching bottoms? Look, mommy, I have my red sandals on, but where are my bottoms?" ;)

    Oh, and I think she's calling for "da-da-da-da" too. ;)

  4. @shieng: thanks.. haha.. i know you're hooked to korean drama
    @tanya: it looks like it..hehehe thanks
    @bchai: hahaha.. she has no pants on because it's too warm here, she's had prickly heat..

    anyways, too bad --none of you have Entrecard..

  5. hahahahahahaha!!! I played it many times but still can't understand her, hahaha! Okay, I give up!!! I guess "yebe" means "slippers"???

    When Warren was still one year old, Angel used to be the interpreter. I think you need another one- or two-year-old to do the interpretation. I'll let my kids watch this and see if they could understand her.

  6. i have no clue, but it sure is cute!
    I'd venture to say you're going to have a talker on your hands. :)

  7. @juliet: ok.. let me know what your kids can come up LOL
    @stacie: thanks.. oh, she'll be talker like her mom

  8. Babies mimic their elders and that is what your baby was doing. She just wanted to impress you that she can talk although it is still unintelligible. But she responds to your request for her to dance by actually dancing to your song. What an energetic and intelligent baby you have. May she grow up to be God fearing and with wisdom from the Lord. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. haha lingaw ko ni bb dip2x dah. pinasayaw pa, hahaa.

  10. Ohmygoodness she is just too adorable!!! I love that cute voice!!! My son is so quiet (I think that's the difference between toddler boys and girls) - she will have no problem speaking her mind as she gets older, that's great!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my "the rest of the tidbits" blog post the other day.

  11. Sorry Ate Jo, I don't understand what she's saying, hehehe, when I was 4 I could understand Warren but now I'm nine I cannot understand baby talks anymore.

  12. @brother Mel: thanks for the compliment. yes, we really do want her to grow up to be God-fearing, a really good Christian..
    @jenn: soon and hopefully, you will be enjoying your own son or daughter too
    @andrea: that's what i heard too. girl toddlers tend to be more talkative than the boys. i don't know if there's any truth to that, though
    @angel: thanks for your comment here. i just visited your blog and followed you. anyway, don't worry- she'll talk to us more sensibly soon

  13. haha! that was cute...;)
    but i can't make any words from her... had fun watching her.


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