wishing for someone else

The pretty girl in the picture is Joevilyn. She is a classmate back in high school. I haven't seen her since we've moved here to Cebu (I'm a native of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental). Thanks to technology, we've been reunited through Facebook and SMS. I learned later that she's been diagnosed with Lupus disease, with a secondary kidney failure. I remembered that our late President Ferdinand Marcos also suffered from this disease which had caused his death (if I'm not mistaken).

She's had this disease since 2002. With this disease, she has to undergo dialysis and injection twice a month. With the help of her family who also solicited some help from friends and from The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes, she was able to carry on with her tests, medications, dialysis, etc. She had asked help from me as well. She had asked if I can sponsor her for one session of dialysis and injection. God knows I wanted to help her but we barely have anything left after taking care of our little girl's needs and after all our bills are paid. I then resolved to gather all of our classmates in FB so we could contribute for her dialysis session. But I think everyone is experiencing crisis, I didn't get everybody to respond to the call. Somehow I felt sad but I know others also have financial problems of their own.

Now, I resolve to join contests like this so I can have extra money to sponsor her even for just a single session of her dialysis. I know that not missing any of her dialysis sessions could really help her a lot. Despite everything she is going through, she still has a very cheerful and positive outlook.

My wish (and prayer) then is not for myself. My wish is for Joevilyn to get all the help she needed to keep her alive, if not completely healed. I know that it would take a miracle to get her completely healed - but miracles are given for free!


  1. A beautiful wish. I hope you make it. Let me know too how I can help. :)

  2. I agree, that is a nice wish of yours and completely unselfish.

    I really hope Joevilyn makes it through the tests, lab work, and dialysis treatment for her disease with ease, but I know it's pretty tough to go through something like that. I truly hope that some of her friends, family, classmates can do something to help her out a bit.

    I don't know her, but since she's a friend of yours, I would like to help her out a little too. ;)

  3. @Lemski (milafel): hi there, i've read your "make a wish" entry. i was really surprised because we didn't know each other but you're wishing to have my wish granted.. thanks a lot!

    @bchai: OMG.. bchai, i received your paypal donation just today. thanks for helping out.. I'll forward this link to her. she's still in Bacolod, though. she just had her first dialysis for the month.

  4. Dropped by to read your entry. Indeed, a very thoughtful wish.
    Thank you for joining and good luck!

    How much does one dialysis session cost, by the way?

  5. @blankpixels: thanks! her dialysis costs 2,800 pesos :-)

  6. Meretrisha---you're welcome, hun! I hope some of it can help a bit and put her mind at ease a little. :)

  7. bchai: definitely, it can help her, thank you! i hope to accumulate the amount pretty soon so i can already send it to her. i already sent her the link to this post but i don't think she's back from bacolod yet.. her latest message to me was that she's doing okay but she is yet to undergo blood transfusion because of low blood supply..

  8. wishes do come true, great faith with prayers can move mountains.

    care to join my giveaway too, http://www.melandriaromero.net/2010/05/be-beautiful-and-win-avon-anew-360.html

  9. i also grab your link, hope we can exchange.

  10. thanks for the visit, melandria! i'll check it out later today.

  11. What a wonderful post. I'm so sorry about your friend, but this sounds like a terrific way that you can help her!!! She is lucky to know you!!! You're a great person.

  12. @andrea: thanks- i haven't written an update on this but i'm actually happy to know that some of our classmates and her classmates in college when she was still taking up nursing already sent their help (thanks to Facebook) :-)

  13. God moves in mysterious ways..We don't know what will become of us but if we have faith in Him, all will be well. Thou it may not be what our heart desires but surely God has a very good reason.
    Let's not lose hope that someday everything will be okay for Joevilyn..

    Congrats on winning thru this entry..


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