a walk in the moonlit night (a habit story)

After taking our dinner today, I felt like taking a little walk outside and tucking Dipdip along with me so that I can prevent myself from sitting right away in front of the computer. After I did that, I felt like I've burned some of the unwanted calories in my body already. It is also a refreshing feeling to have taken a walk inside the subdivision at night time with the moon and the stars above us. I'm not really good at describing moments like that; so I'll probably just say- I'm glad to have taken the stroll. In short, expect that I'd do this every night.

Anyway, beyond those burned calories and some moments with Didpdip in the moonlit night, there's also one good thing that happened that night. I had met and made a friend!

She's a nun. She's temporarily living in the unit in front of us. I forgot the congregation where she belonged but she's one of those nuns who are not required to wear a habit because they do social work. Tonight, she was wearing plain and modest clothing though, just a long skirt and a shirt. She was renting there courtesy of the congregation so she could have some quiet time to do her review. Her board exam is almost near and she wants to make sure that she woud pass it.

Anyway, I've actually engaged in a rather long conversation with her. It's like getting to know you time with her. Blah blah blah...

And then the conversation escalated further. She's been a nun for 16 years and so I was curious if she also had a lovelife prior to joining the congregation.

She told me she had suitors before but her feelings and her heart deeply belonged to God and service to the church. There was a point in her life though that she almost gave up her vocation to give in to her feelings when she met someone who also made her feel special when she went home to visit her parents.

To cut the story short, it was a battle between her personal feelings with the person and her strong desire to serve God. It was really a struggle for her that it came to the point that she had questioned the Lord why He had allowed such feeling of attraction for a person just when she has already decided to serve Him.

How did she end up choosing to serve God and disregard her feelings for someone?

She began by acknowledging that she's just a woman and a person. And it's natural for her to have feelings of attraction. But she realized that she wants to serve God more than giving in to her personal feelings for the person. Anyway, she said that everyday, those feelings have started to dwindle until it actually died a natural death.

I look at her today. She said she's 41 years old but she doesn't really look like it. In fact, I feel like I look older than her even though I'm only a 30-something. Ahem! I admire her personality so much. And she has such a happy face!

I knew she made the right decision. There is really no doubt that that is her vocation. She is a reflection of love, contentment and happiness.

I also shared to her that it came to a point where I thought that I was meant to join the congregation and become a nun because when I had asked the Lord to give me signs- I saw nuns just about everywhere. Anyway, I told her, I met my man at 30 and that I made it to the last trip. Now, she said she finds me funny.

Wow, I made a friend today. I once went to high school ran by nuns but I didn't really make friends with them like I did with her. I wonder if it had anything to do with their habits that I found them intimidating before.

I remember the times during high school where most students would only say "Morning, sister!" everytime we would meet a school nun. Sometimes, students would also jokingly say "Mon- ster!" Wahahaha... I suddenly miss my high school life!


  1. You know, I've always wondered what makes a person decide or want to join the priesthood or nunnery. Do they feel a certain "calling," or is it simply born out of a desire and love to serve the Lord completely? I'm glad you found out her feelings, and that she shared it with you. It's truly admirable that she is serving the Lord (and the community) quite faithfully and tirelessly too.

    Also, I'm glad you didn't join the nunnery. I don't know, maybe in another lifetime, it would've been meant for you, but not in this one! (I'm sure your hubby & Dipx2) agree with me!

  2. That is so neat. I've never really talked much with nuns (even though I was raised Catholic) but that would be such a unique and inspiring experience to have a friend who is a nun. She sounds like a great example!

  3. @bchai: yes, it's indeed a calling.. somehow they would feel some signs when they would do some search-in..
    my friends used to tease me that i'm not fit to be in the nunnery, LOL. i really wonder why.. anyway, i knew it wasn't my calling (obviously hehe)
    @andrea: indeed, she is!


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