turning redundant

I mentioned in my April post about raising puppies or dogs. Well, I didn't forget to write an update about it. After it was vaccinated, we finally had the puppy in our loving care. And yes, we didn't get a shih tzu from father-in-law (that's okay). Instead, it's a mixed breed, an "askal" or a mongrel in other words. However, I must say that this puppy was very much loved and it actually had the opportunity to get cared for by my sister-in-law's Norwegian husband. In fact, he already had this certain attachment to the puppy.

The puppy is really adorable but always wants our attention. My husband really cared for the puppy so much that sometimes I would tease him by singing in my own tune and with lyrics and words to the effect that "the puppy is so much luckier than I am because he gets a good bath and attention from him everyday".:-)

Anyway, the name of the puppy is Shut Up. Father-in-law gave that name to him. Dipdip, as you can see in the picture, also has this fondness for Shut Up.

Now we're turning redundant. I thought about our neighbors' reaction everytime they woud hear us say "Shut up, Shut Up!" :-)


  1. Wow, that's a BIG puppy. It looks like your doggie has taken well with Dipx2, and has a good temperament with children. ;)

    Also, what a name! LOL. I take it that Shut Up is a little bit on the noisy side? ;)

  2. I was laughing when I read in your post that you would sing a song about your husband taking care of the dog and giving him a bath and how jealous you are of the dog. Why, do you want your husband to also give you a bath, hahahaha, joke only, walang pikunan. Natawa lang ako talaga sa sinulat mo, lol. Dogs are cute when they are still puppies pero pag lumaki na ay problema na ang pagaalaga. My youngest son was so fond of dogs when they are still puppies and very cute but when they grow up he just abandons them and I am left alone to take care of them, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. @bchai: you bet! he barks so loud to get our attention.. LOL.. it's a big puppy now so I was like torn between saying "dog" or "puppy".. haha
    @brother mel: glad you enjoyed this post.. yeah i was only joking my husband about the bath thing, LOL.. although we used to take a shower together before our daughter was born hahaha (so I probably just missed it)..anyway, he bought Pedigree yesterday and I pretended to be jealous again and so he was like asking me if I want to eat Pedigree, too... hahaha

  4. Hi Jo, I am so sorry about the mix-up. The award is for you ---from my post but I don't know why I mixed it up with somebody else who's a guy. I thought your nick was associated with the other blog.....I'm so SORRY...my bad. But the award is for you , not for the owner of Restnrileks.

    So please grab it. I will change the page name and the URL.

  5. I love puppies and dogs too...How I love them though I don't have any at this time. Maybe when we move to a "real" house coz we're just living in a condo.

    What a name for a pup..."Shut Up"---if you want to shhhh anyone or the neighbors, all you have to do is to call your dog. You won't be feeling guilty even if they glare at you with evil eyes.

  6. thanks bingkee, that's a great idea. i'll definitely take your advice. :-)
    by the way, i'll do my second set of awardees later

  7. Awe! That's not a nice name for a dog, LOL! I'm glad your family is having a great time with him.


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