NYC Singles - Enjoy A Fulfilling Dinner Date Minus The Pressure

When I was still single, being set up on a few dates had helped me how to carry myself well in front of the opposite sex. Well, I actually learned how to be myself and to be comfortable with being myself in front of a man. Somehow, those dinner dates have helped me realize (sometimes psychoanalyze) the many different personalities that men possess. There are men who are too nice while there are also men who just play nice. With dinner dates, you can engage in a nice conversation with the opposite sex. A dinner date is what I call a "harmless date". After that, you only have to thank the person for a nice dinner date and conversation with him. Then maybe if both of you like each other, then you can look forward to another date with the person. It's like getting to know the person a step at a time.

When on a date, the subject on who pays for dinner is sometimes an issue. Traditionally, when a man asks a woman for a dinner date, it is already given that the guy pays for dinner, although there are also women who would insist on paying for dinner but that rarely happens. Women feel special when a guy plans and pays for a dinner date.

Today, there are already different and creative ways to date. Some would even join reality dating shows just to find their match. Well, for sure there are some who are not comfortable with that concept of dating.

In New York City, by the way, I learned that there's a new way of going on harmless dinner dates with the opposite sex. This is sometimes called 'Dating New York style'. Women Seeking Men can actually go on harmless and arranged dinner dates with NYC Singles. Some people may find this interesting but unusual especially for women who are used to going on traditional dinner dates. Anyway, the goal is the same - and that is to enjoy a fulfilling dinner date minus the pressure of having to go on a subsequent date if you don't look forward to it.

Dating New York singles in casual dinner parties may be an interesting way to date in the land of the big apple, however, NYC Singles (especially Women Seeking Men) should still think of it as a friendly, no pressure way of meeting new people and new faces.


  1. You know, I met J when I was still so young, so I never had time to explore the mature dating scene.

    If I was single, I wouldn't mind doing the NYC Singles date thing, since it's hassle-free, and I don't have anything to lose. As long as your date wasn't a pure idiot or a jerk, there's no harm in having fun with dating! ;)

  2. I will have to tell my aunt about this - she is always looking for new dating opportunities!

  3. @bchai: yeah, maybe i would, too if i was still single. as long as we're on the same table together, i wouldn't mind a double dinner date.. hehe
    @andrea: so, your aunt is still single, huh?


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