music monday - rainbow

For this week's Music Monday, my entry is the song called Rainbow. This is a song from my favorite Filipino band, Southborder. I love this song - the voices behind it, the melody and the lyrics! You have to listen to this, guys...

I especially dedicate this song to my very good friend. She knows who she is. :-) I don't know what she's going through right now (because she's not telling) but I hope she's okay. Hugs to you, my friend.

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  1. Another great choice for a Music Monday song, Meretrisha! You know, I always look forward to this post, because you're always sharing something that I'm not familiar with & turn out to like in the end. ;)

    I'm sure your friend will appreciate this song very much. ;)

  2. thanks bchai.. yay, i just noticed that i was the last person to post an entry for music monday.. :-)

  3. thanks marie. thanks for the messages too. i appreciate everything... am not quite fine but no big deal. just another low moment in life. all these shall pass. sooner.

  4. I love the beat/melody to this song, as well as the lyrics! Thanks for introducing me to another new song!


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