Music Monday - If I Ain't Got You

I feel like singing this song today and for the rest of the week! This is a song by Alicia Keys. It's called "If I Ain't Got You". This is like a personal song.

Somehow, this song has a double meaning to me. It can be a song for my husband and it can also be dedicated to the Lord. How's that? I once listened to my Aunt Sarah doing a cover of this song and replaced the word "baby" with "Lord" and it then turned out to be a really beautiful song that she offered to the Lord.

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  1. thanks.. you have a beautiful song choice too

  2. Great choice, hun! Alicia Keys has such a beautiful and clear voice. She's gorgeous too. I've always got her music playing on the pc. ;)

  3. thanks bchai.. you're right.. i simply love her style

  4. I love this song and now I will be hearing it in a whole new way when I listen to it on the radio - I loved your aunt's idea :-)


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