a mother's love is incomparable

Here's a story that will touch every single vein in your body. What a story this is for Mother's Day!


  1. Oh I had goose bumps seeing and listening to this video. I never noticed that tears were already rolling down in my eyes. The video is the epitome of a mother's unconditional love for her child. It is a love similar to God's love for us when He gave His only begotten Son to die for us at a time when we were still sinners. He did this to give us eternal life if we will accept His invitation for Him to dwell in our hearts. Thank you so much for this most inspiring and emotional video. Happy Mother's Day again. God bless you all always.

  2. They should make every child who curses at their mothers read this story. It's very touching, and sad at the same time. 'Course, I'd do the same for my child if a situation like that ever arises without question. I think, as mothers, we will always have a deep abiding and unconditional love for our children that can never be broken no matter what.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, my dear! ;)

    Dipx2 is so lucky to have a wonderful, beautiful, and special mother like you.

  3. This video gave me goose bumps watching it. Sumakit puso ko for the Mom. Nakakiyak Sir Mel. im speechless. grabe naman sama talaga ng mga tao minsan. The mom's act is very heroic and more than that. she'd rather lost her sight for her children.

  4. Ohmygosh that was so sad! I just finished drying my eyes. I see it as a reminder to be nice to our mothers, lol!

    Happy Mother's Day - I hope that you had a wonderful weekend with your precious little girl!

  5. I have known this story long time ago but still ............. I cried.

  6. What a touching story. ;)

    Happy mother's day Jo! belated actually.

  7. I missed visiting here Kuya Mel...
    Belated Happy Mother's Day to your Mom and wife as well...Blessings!

    My Family Daily Adventure

  8. dear all -- this reply is a little late.. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this video.. it's indeed touching and heartbreaking..

    hi princess, thanks for visiting my site.. i have a feeling that you have mistaken this site as brother mel's :-)

  9. After reading all the comments, I'm reluctant to watch the video because I get very emotional about these sad stories even heartwarming stories. I'm glad I did though and of course, I cried.


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