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Last weekend, I didn't have time to post about Mother's Day celebration. We spent the weekend at our in-laws' place and so we got to celebrate Mother's Day with them. We felt really special that day. It was my first time to taste Tanduay Ice which tasted like a lady's drink. It was good but I only had two shots of it.

What's a little sad about the celebration though was that someone (not a relative) mishandled the box of cake that we bought for mother-in-law. He carried the box of cake like it was just a luggage. Somehow, his intention to help carry our stuff from the car didn't do the cake any justice. I felt a little bad about it because we took the time to go to the mall to buy the cake only to get messed up like that. Anyway, I took the picture from afar and it still looked like a cake after all. :-)

I'm really blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law who treats me like her own daughter as well.  Oh, how I love all my in-laws!

a cake for mother-in-law

I thought of buying a generic Mother's Day cake for the rest of the mothers in the house (and to greet my own mom  secretly!). This one never got messed up because it was a small one and I carried it myself.

When I think of mother's day, I also think about my dear mom . In fact, I never stopped thinking about her every single day. This is why I'd like to share this picture to my friends and readers one of the last photos we had together before she passed away (barely two months after my wedding).

To my own mom, who will forever be remembered as a mother with the most wonderful and cheerful attitude, thank you for bringing me into this world. Happy Mother's Day, mom! Someday, I'll grow up to be just like you and I will then be proud of me.. :-)

Incidentally, just like Bchai's mother's day post, I also have an old picture of mom. It was her picture with our grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Can you see her in the picture? (Here's a giveaway tip: Look for the one with Chinese-looking eyes..)


  1. You are so blessed that you have a good and wonderful mother in law who treats you like her own daughter especially since your own mother has already passed away. You had such a wonderful Mother's Day celebration. You will also be a wonderful mother like your mom. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. I'm so glad you had a fabulous Mother's Day with your in-laws. It's great to have family close by to celebrate with you, and I'm also glad you get along so well with your in-laws! ;)

    Also, I know that your mom celebrated Mother's Day with you too. I bet she's proud that you turned out to be a wonderful mom, and Dipx2 will follow in your footsteps one day, like you did your mom's. ;)

    Hmmm...I'm guessing your mom's the one on the left with the headband? Am I right? LOL. ;)

  3. thanks too brother mel..

    and bchai-- thanks too.. you're right, she's the one with the headband.. congrats on the guess, LOL

  4. I've seen Dipx2's expression like your mom's before, so that's how I guessed. ;)

  5. I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I bet both of those cakes tasted YUMMY - that is too bad that one got smashed, but it still was very pretty!

    I know your mom was there in spirit. . . wow what a gorgeous picture of the two of you!!!! And I LOVE old fashioned pictures like the last one! I guessed your mom as the one with the headband, too! :-)


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