mom's birthday (the weekend that was)

Even though we had already agreed that the sendoff party was also our celebration of mom's birthday, we (hubby, yours truly, Dipdip, and the nanny) went to Compostela to celebrate with grandmother.

We're the only ones who are available on that day since my brother already returned to Abu Dhabi while everyone else (including dad) has already returned home for the next day's work. And so, we just brought with us a cake, lola cooked two or three dishes, and my aunt prepared macaroni salad.

Well, I can't show a lot of pictures because my camera was showing symptoms of A.D.D. again  :-)

But look at how amused my Tita S (mom's sister) was with my daughter who seemed to be energetic at that time to show everybody her talent in dancing. Yes, lately, our one-year old princess dances everytime she hears music from the television commercials. Sometimes, she would sing, too (believe me). We didn't really celebrate that much because my Tita S has been diagnosed with the Big C and she's already starting to feel some pain. I just hope she feels better and that God will perform a miracle on her. Fortunately (if I'm allowed to say that), my Tita J from New Jersey is helping her with her medications.

Here, Dipdip faces her grand lola who also wished we lived nearby so she can always see us around...

When afternoon came, we didn't forget to go to the cemetery to bring flowers and light some candles for mom.

Well, I think mom's birthday looked like it was Diane Pauline's day because she became the center of attention and amused everyone (including her parents, ahem!).


  1. Awwww, look at her go! She's quite the dancer, right? I think Rome and Dipx2 should get together for some dancing lessons. He's got his daddy's rhythm, unfortunately! LOL.

    Also, I'm glad you were able to celebrate your mom's birthday in Compostela with your lola. It's always great to spend time with family.

    And I hope your Tita S feels better with medication. Tell her to take it easy too. ;)

  2. Happy birthday to your mom. . .

    Your daughter sure makes everyone smile!!!

    I'm so sorry about your mom's sister, I hope that everything ends up okay for her.

  3. @bhai: thanks. yes, i don't know why, nobody taught her how to dance but she must have seen me dancing..
    @andrea: thanks.. we put everything in God's hands


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