i let it pass (and i'm sorry)

I felt so bad about missing the Cebu Blogcamp 2010. I've read the e-mail confirmation the night before and I was really excited to go. The plan was to have my husband drive me there to the location (it's a one-hour plus drive from here) but he wasn't even able to wake up earlier, anyway. Add to that, there were also domestic problems that needed to be taken cared of which made me feel guilty about leaving.

I felt bad about not being there, really. I would have been there if some things didn't get in the way. I told my husband that I would just write to the organizers about my absence but he said they will hardly feel my absence and that the event can even go on without me. Oh, okay! Somehow, that hurts a little. I told him, wait until I am already somebody... :-) Anyway, we didn't really argue because it was already the end of the conversation.

Now, I've learned.. it's really different when you're already married (plus a daughter). You no longer think for yourself. So, to the organizers of this fun event, so sorry for not going. I'll just ask around how it went. I'm sure it was fun.


  1. Sometimes we have to recognize the hands of God in the events in our lives. When a planned event did not push through, we can consider it as not the will of God. Of course being married has changed the priorities in your life and you must accept that. We do not live by ourselves alone but we are connected to our families. I'm sure that God has something better in store for you. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Oh, don't worry too much about missing the blog camp. I'm sure they'll have another one that you can attend. There are things that you had to take care of, and it couldn't be helped. I guess the timing wasn't right, you know? ;)

  3. Don't worry, that was only the first and definitely won't be the last blog camp. We should always prioritize our family. There are lots of things that I've given up when I married and had children, but as a mother I would always do that without any trace of regret. There will always be next time.

  4. @mel: you're right- things happen for a reason, definitely. thanks for the reminder..
    @bchai, juliet: thank you, mommies!

  5. I know how those things go - I hope there will be another opportunity for you in the future.


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