the home with an office feel

Even though I'm already at home, the home still feels like the office to me. Me and my husband are still working full-time. We still have to report and sit in front of our computers for eight hours a day; the only difference is that we are doing our jobs in the convenience of our home. If both of us have deadlines to meet, we even forget to talk to each other. It's funny because when he's not talking to me, I feel like sending him a message via YM even when our computers are only a few steps apart.

Somehow, the home still has that office feel. Occasionally, we would also receive business letters with some really attractive address stamps on them. My husband was even surprised how these companies learned about our home address. How did they know we have a credit card to begin with? Why would they offer to lend us such a large amount? Don't they know that we are not what we call traditional employees? The offers look really enticing but we both agreed to dismiss them in order to avoid being burdened with heavy debts later on. Anyway, we are still keeping those business letters. It feels really special to have our names on the envelopes!


  1. i wish to feel this kind of work jo. naa ra sa home... unsa kaha ka gubot amoa no labi naay bata walay maid. hehehe

  2. least you're not getting too many junk mail, right? ;)

    Just make sure you & the hubby go out and have a nice "date" once in awhile. Have a date night each night after work hours! ;)

  3. I used to like the idea of working at home when I was trying to get pregnant ---baka sakali diay maka-baby. But unfortunately no baby, so I kinda miss going to work and really socialize with co-workers and clients.
    That's funny when you feel like chatting on YM when he's just a few steps away...hehehe

  4. You and your husband are fortunate since you are able to work at your home. You have the luxury of enjoying the comfort and familiarity of one's home. The important thing is that you are both earning your keeps for the sustenance of your family and home. Thanks for your post. God bless you all always. BTW, can you put a Feedburner email subscription in your blog so that I can subscribe to your post? I always give top priority to my emails.

  5. @shanix: i know.. you have two girls and hopefully, there's one more coming??? hahaha just kidding.. kisses to your kids
    @bchai: LOL.. haha.. good suggestion *wink*
    @bingkee: i believe the baby will come (in God's time).
    @brother mel: thanks.. you're the first person who asked me about subscribing.. i hope the ones in the sidebar would help..

  6. Great site u have here, let's link up.

    Let me know k.



  7. A big congratulations to you for a job well done. Your blog has been reviewed and I'm elated to let you know that your blog has been added to the Blogging Women directory.

    Our all women's blog directory was created to highlight the outstanding blogs published by women and I am pleased to add another wonderful blog to our directory.

    Much thanks for all your hard work. Continued success with this blog and all you do!

  8. @arkanoid: thanks.. i already followed your blog
    @fay: thanks so much. it's quite an honor!

  9. It sounds like you and your husband are being smart -I am confident that will get you the best results in the long run!

    I think that's great that you guys can work from home! I wish that my husband could work at home every day although it probably wouldn't be the same since I don't have a full-time job. . .I'd probably interrupt him too much, haha!

  10. @andrea: LOL.. hehe.. then it's probably best that you two aren't working together at home


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