do you dig fashion?

Plain and simple - that would be the best phrase to describe myself. When it comes to dressing up, I'm far from being fashionable or trendy. I just want to wear clothes that will not catch anyone's attention. Coincidentally, I seem to agree with a famous writer by the name of William Somerset Maugham when he said that "The well-dressed man is he whose clothes you never notice." Yes, and that's still my aim - to be well-dressed!

If you also ask me if I ever wear any fashion jewelry, occasionally I would but that's only to accessorize myself once in a while. As far as earrings are concerned, I hardly wear any especially if they are fashion earrings because my ears would then get itchy and I would then be forced to take it off, anyway. Here are fashion jewelries that are currently in my drawer. I didn't buy these myself. I simply rummaged through my sister-in-law's giveaway stuffs.

When it comes to my daughter, that's another story. If I can afford to let her wear fashionable clothes and jewelry, I would let her wear them because she is my little doll. :-) Anyway, you can still be fashionable nowadays even if you don't spend too much, right?

She still didn't have her ears pierced just yet, by the way, because I don't think I can stand to see her cry in pain. So for now, her gift from Tita Ruthie will still have to wait until her ears are ready; or should I say "if I'm ready to have her ears pierced." :-)

How about you? What's your fashion statement?


  1. Hmmm...I guess mine would be laid back, but I'll get dressy once in awhile. I like mix-and-match pieces that can go well with other outfits.

    I'm not too big on jewelry though, and if I wear earrings, they can't be fake or my ears will get irritated.

    Don't worry about getting your daughter's ears pierced too soon. If you do, she won't remember the pain as time goes by. Isn't it fashionable for little girls to get their ears pierced while they're still young over there? ;)

    Also, you're SO lucky to have a little girl! Girls have so many cute outfits to wear. Boys are kinda limited. LOL.

  2. I prefer to wear clothes which are simple and yet elegant and classy looking. I don't dig into the latest trend just because they are in - especially if they don't fit my personality. I don't usually wear jewelries except for a small earring and my wedding ring.

    As for my baby girl, we usually dress her in pink but no "sexy doll" dress yet because of the climate here. :D

  3. @bchai: you're right.. definitely we do have a lot of choices for girls

    @sheryl: i forgot mentioning about my wedding ring as well. the only time i don't get to wear the ring is when i'm at home.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys

  4. I bet if I have a girl next she will be my doll as well - too much fun! How can a mother not dress her little girl fashionable, haha! Like you said, I could care less about myself, but daughters are a different story :p I got my ears pierced at four years old which I thought was a good age because I could understand what was going on (and didn't cry) and was excited about it as my own decision. I still love earrings but that's about the only jewelry I wear (aside from my wedding ring).

  5. Finding wholesale fashion jewelry at a reasonable price is so hard this time of year. It only gets worse the closer you get to Christmas. I am a sucker for jewelry though. Bchai, my girl is the exact same way.


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