Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Monday - Never Ever Say Goodbye

My Music Monday entry is a classic song called "Never Ever Say Goodbye" from Nonoy Zuñiga. Oh, I really love his voice.

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mom's birthday (the weekend that was)

Even though we had already agreed that the sendoff party was also our celebration of mom's birthday, we (hubby, yours truly, Dipdip, and the nanny) went to Compostela to celebrate with grandmother.

We're the only ones who are available on that day since my brother already returned to Abu Dhabi while everyone else (including dad) has already returned home for the next day's work. And so, we just brought with us a cake, lola cooked two or three dishes, and my aunt prepared macaroni salad.

Well, I can't show a lot of pictures because my camera was showing symptoms of A.D.D. again  :-)

But look at how amused my Tita S (mom's sister) was with my daughter who seemed to be energetic at that time to show everybody her talent in dancing. Yes, lately, our one-year old princess dances everytime she hears music from the television commercials. Sometimes, she would sing, too (believe me). We didn't really celebrate that much because my Tita S has been diagnosed with the Big C and she's already starting to feel some pain. I just hope she feels better and that God will perform a miracle on her. Fortunately (if I'm allowed to say that), my Tita J from New Jersey is helping her with her medications.

Here, Dipdip faces her grand lola who also wished we lived nearby so she can always see us around...

When afternoon came, we didn't forget to go to the cemetery to bring flowers and light some candles for mom.

Well, I think mom's birthday looked like it was Diane Pauline's day because she became the center of attention and amused everyone (including her parents, ahem!).

Sunday, May 30, 2010

the sendoff

Before my brother flew back to Abu Dhabi, the family dined out together per his request. This is like his sendoff party. It was not our first time to eat at Chika-an restaurant but it was our first time to dine in at their branch in Park Mall, Cebu. We love to eat at Chika-an's because they serve, among other things, grilled pork, sinigang, lumpia shanghai, chopsuey, and cooked monggo beans (mung beans)!

  My all-time favorite is chopsuey!

Although we can cook these dishes at home, we needed some ambiance once in a while. Besides, it's one of the neatest places where everybody can meet up because we're already residing in different parts of Cebu.

He'll be gone again, huh!

Dad looked a little sad right there...

We sat outside, too (for posterity's sake)

Is there someone missing in the picture?

Oh, there she is! We're family...

I hope to show MORE pictures but nah, I'll probably post some of them in Facebook one of these days. Or I'll probably use some of them to my other site. I have a big dream for that site but I'm still trying to build that dream. A work in progress. If you haven't been there, please do try to visit it if you'd like to become part of that dream. :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

another reason to get motivated (i won!)

Here's another reason to get motivated. The results are already in and I am one of the winners to the Make A Wish Blog Contest!

There were really a lot of beautiful entries to the contest that I am already happy that my entry landed on the third place. I can't wait to tell Joevilyn and my batchmates about this win!

Thanks to blankPixels and her generous sponsors for this wonderful contest!

I thought my post should already end right there.. But there are more words to say----

Last time, I actually bumped into Lemski's entry to the Make A Wish Blog Contest and I was touched that she actually wished for me to win the contest. To me, that sure was a winning entry. :-) Thank you, Lemski!!!!

are you motivated?

Sometimes it just gets me. I can't come up with a post. Life has been extremely busy. And a little stressful (most of which are my own doing). Indeed, I do need to prioritize things. After all, I'm still human and I need to breathe and exhale.

Well, anyway, I guess I'm back on track. All it took was a little prayer and little motivation from my favorite motivational writer, Og Mandino. Thanks to the pdf search engine, I was able to browse again some excerpts from the Scroll Marked VI of The Greatest Salesman In The World

The title may sound like a boring book about sales and marketing, but trust me - it's a book that you really can't put down.

That's right. I thought of mom today. Yesterday, I also thought of her. And I'll always think of her every single day. She got me into liking Og Mandino's writings. She got me to memorize The Greatest Salesman's Prayer at the age of six. It's a long prayer but I was able to memorize it because she recorded it on tape and played it everyday. Today, I can still say those prayers out loud but now it is already said with a deeper meaning or thought now that I am beginning to age gracefully.

Incidentally, it's my mom's birthday tomorrow and the next day after that. How's that? When she was alive, we used to celebrate her birthday on the 31st, until years later when she asked for a copy of her birth record, she found out that her birthday should be on May 30th. Well, grandma and grandpa (her parents) had different answers. We didn't know which one was accurate - her baptismal or her birth certificate? So, anyway, we respected both dates. :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i let it pass (and i'm sorry)

I felt so bad about missing the Cebu Blogcamp 2010. I've read the e-mail confirmation the night before and I was really excited to go. The plan was to have my husband drive me there to the location (it's a one-hour plus drive from here) but he wasn't even able to wake up earlier, anyway. Add to that, there were also domestic problems that needed to be taken cared of which made me feel guilty about leaving.

I felt bad about not being there, really. I would have been there if some things didn't get in the way. I told my husband that I would just write to the organizers about my absence but he said they will hardly feel my absence and that the event can even go on without me. Oh, okay! Somehow, that hurts a little. I told him, wait until I am already somebody... :-) Anyway, we didn't really argue because it was already the end of the conversation.

Now, I've learned.. it's really different when you're already married (plus a daughter). You no longer think for yourself. So, to the organizers of this fun event, so sorry for not going. I'll just ask around how it went. I'm sure it was fun.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday - The Climb

Ahhh... Let's turn Hannah Montana today. I feel like singing Miley Cyrus' The Climb. This is really a very good motivation song, isn't it?

“Whatever the struggle, continue the climb. It may be only one step to the summit.” - Diane Westlake

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Local Insurance Ideas for Homes and Businesses

No matter where we are in the country, we all have similar needs for security and protection, be it in our homes or in our businesses. It is inevitable then for most of us who have thoughts of security and protection for our homes and businesses to think about getting a Local Insurance that can help us recover from all the possible risk of losses involved in the ownership of these valuable assets or investments.

When looking for a specific local insurance, it is best to know more than one insurance policy so that one can practically compare one insurance quote from the other. The word 'practical' is often used when deciding on a particular insurance because we don't want to splurge our hard-earned money on something that doesn't give us the most benefits, in terms of insurance coverage. That is how it is like when we shop for the perfect insurance that's suitable for our needs. Anyway, there are already a number of insurance providers that exist today; and because of competition, it is already possible to get a lot of cheaper insurance quotes from many of these providers.

Over the years, it has proved to be getting easier and easier already to get insurance quotes from more than one insurance provider, the fact that all these can be gathered online. If you have a house in New York, for example, a simple search on the Internet for New York Home Insurance can already provide you with a lot of results. This is also true if you're looking for the perfect insurance for a business located in California - you are likely to find the most suitable California Business Insurance that meets your needs and budget. Just simply fill up forms as accurately as possible so you can also get the most accurate estimates and quotes online.

NYC Singles - Enjoy A Fulfilling Dinner Date Minus The Pressure

When I was still single, being set up on a few dates had helped me how to carry myself well in front of the opposite sex. Well, I actually learned how to be myself and to be comfortable with being myself in front of a man. Somehow, those dinner dates have helped me realize (sometimes psychoanalyze) the many different personalities that men possess. There are men who are too nice while there are also men who just play nice. With dinner dates, you can engage in a nice conversation with the opposite sex. A dinner date is what I call a "harmless date". After that, you only have to thank the person for a nice dinner date and conversation with him. Then maybe if both of you like each other, then you can look forward to another date with the person. It's like getting to know the person a step at a time.

When on a date, the subject on who pays for dinner is sometimes an issue. Traditionally, when a man asks a woman for a dinner date, it is already given that the guy pays for dinner, although there are also women who would insist on paying for dinner but that rarely happens. Women feel special when a guy plans and pays for a dinner date.

Today, there are already different and creative ways to date. Some would even join reality dating shows just to find their match. Well, for sure there are some who are not comfortable with that concept of dating.

In New York City, by the way, I learned that there's a new way of going on harmless dinner dates with the opposite sex. This is sometimes called 'Dating New York style'. Women Seeking Men can actually go on harmless and arranged dinner dates with NYC Singles. Some people may find this interesting but unusual especially for women who are used to going on traditional dinner dates. Anyway, the goal is the same - and that is to enjoy a fulfilling dinner date minus the pressure of having to go on a subsequent date if you don't look forward to it.

Dating New York singles in casual dinner parties may be an interesting way to date in the land of the big apple, however, NYC Singles (especially Women Seeking Men) should still think of it as a friendly, no pressure way of meeting new people and new faces.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a walk in the moonlit night (a habit story)

After taking our dinner today, I felt like taking a little walk outside and tucking Dipdip along with me so that I can prevent myself from sitting right away in front of the computer. After I did that, I felt like I've burned some of the unwanted calories in my body already. It is also a refreshing feeling to have taken a walk inside the subdivision at night time with the moon and the stars above us. I'm not really good at describing moments like that; so I'll probably just say- I'm glad to have taken the stroll. In short, expect that I'd do this every night.

Anyway, beyond those burned calories and some moments with Didpdip in the moonlit night, there's also one good thing that happened that night. I had met and made a friend!

She's a nun. She's temporarily living in the unit in front of us. I forgot the congregation where she belonged but she's one of those nuns who are not required to wear a habit because they do social work. Tonight, she was wearing plain and modest clothing though, just a long skirt and a shirt. She was renting there courtesy of the congregation so she could have some quiet time to do her review. Her board exam is almost near and she wants to make sure that she woud pass it.

Anyway, I've actually engaged in a rather long conversation with her. It's like getting to know you time with her. Blah blah blah...

And then the conversation escalated further. She's been a nun for 16 years and so I was curious if she also had a lovelife prior to joining the congregation.

She told me she had suitors before but her feelings and her heart deeply belonged to God and service to the church. There was a point in her life though that she almost gave up her vocation to give in to her feelings when she met someone who also made her feel special when she went home to visit her parents.

To cut the story short, it was a battle between her personal feelings with the person and her strong desire to serve God. It was really a struggle for her that it came to the point that she had questioned the Lord why He had allowed such feeling of attraction for a person just when she has already decided to serve Him.

How did she end up choosing to serve God and disregard her feelings for someone?

She began by acknowledging that she's just a woman and a person. And it's natural for her to have feelings of attraction. But she realized that she wants to serve God more than giving in to her personal feelings for the person. Anyway, she said that everyday, those feelings have started to dwindle until it actually died a natural death.

I look at her today. She said she's 41 years old but she doesn't really look like it. In fact, I feel like I look older than her even though I'm only a 30-something. Ahem! I admire her personality so much. And she has such a happy face!

I knew she made the right decision. There is really no doubt that that is her vocation. She is a reflection of love, contentment and happiness.

I also shared to her that it came to a point where I thought that I was meant to join the congregation and become a nun because when I had asked the Lord to give me signs- I saw nuns just about everywhere. Anyway, I told her, I met my man at 30 and that I made it to the last trip. Now, she said she finds me funny.

Wow, I made a friend today. I once went to high school ran by nuns but I didn't really make friends with them like I did with her. I wonder if it had anything to do with their habits that I found them intimidating before.

I remember the times during high school where most students would only say "Morning, sister!" everytime we would meet a school nun. Sometimes, students would also jokingly say "Mon- ster!" Wahahaha... I suddenly miss my high school life!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the home with an office feel

Even though I'm already at home, the home still feels like the office to me. Me and my husband are still working full-time. We still have to report and sit in front of our computers for eight hours a day; the only difference is that we are doing our jobs in the convenience of our home. If both of us have deadlines to meet, we even forget to talk to each other. It's funny because when he's not talking to me, I feel like sending him a message via YM even when our computers are only a few steps apart.

Somehow, the home still has that office feel. Occasionally, we would also receive business letters with some really attractive address stamps on them. My husband was even surprised how these companies learned about our home address. How did they know we have a credit card to begin with? Why would they offer to lend us such a large amount? Don't they know that we are not what we call traditional employees? The offers look really enticing but we both agreed to dismiss them in order to avoid being burdened with heavy debts later on. Anyway, we are still keeping those business letters. It feels really special to have our names on the envelopes!

I'm Joining The First Cebu Blog Camp!

Hello Cebu! Yours truly is joining the first ever Cebu Blog Camp 2010 because I believe I can meet a lot of good-natured bloggers and I look forward to learning more about blogging and the many ways to make money online. It's also a way of networking with a lot of bloggers here in Cebu and even from neighboring cities. Somehow, I know I have to be there!

I really hope they still have one more seat for me because I just learned all about it yesterday from Lemski. For those who would like to join, this is happening on Saturday, May 22, 2010 - CAP Auditorium, CAP Complex, Jones, Cebu City. Click here for further details. This is a free invitation.

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just another moving story

Stephen and I were still lovers when we found this place but the developer knew we will be wed in a few months' time and so they had actually allowed us to sign a housing loan agreement with them even though I have yet to sign it myself first as a single person.

This house is like a "rent-to-own" house. It's funny because it is payable in 30 years. We will be like 60+ years old then. Only God knows if we're going to live that long but we're also dreaming of winning in the lotto so that we can be able to pay it all up earlier in our lifetime. Now I'm thinking, how do we win any lotto if we didn't even buy tickets for it? Well, it's been two years of renting to own; so there's still twenty-eight more years to go! We've learned to love this place, so we really hoped this can become "officially" our own. If only Oprah can bump into this post and then make this dream come true. Oh, Oprah, you found Charice, how about finding this post and fulfill a wish?

When we moved here, we didn't really have quite a lot of things to bring with us. If we did, we would have thought about getting the services of a moving company where the moving can be a whole lot easier. Our friend in the United States had mentioned that she had just moved using this kind of service. It was so easy for her to get in touch with a reliable service to help her pack and move. Anyway, like I said, we didn't need that kind of service when we moved here. When we bought the refrigerator, it went ahead of us in the house because the purchase came with a free delivery offer. My relative has a personal truck and so she and her husband had helped us with the move. Except for the gas which we filled up for the ride, they wouldn't even allow us to pay them anything out of gratitude. We were so thankful for them! Now, isn't this a moving story? :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday - If I Ain't Got You

I feel like singing this song today and for the rest of the week! This is a song by Alicia Keys. It's called "If I Ain't Got You". This is like a personal song.

Somehow, this song has a double meaning to me. It can be a song for my husband and it can also be dedicated to the Lord. How's that? I once listened to my Aunt Sarah doing a cover of this song and replaced the word "baby" with "Lord" and it then turned out to be a really beautiful song that she offered to the Lord.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

wishing for someone else

The pretty girl in the picture is Joevilyn. She is a classmate back in high school. I haven't seen her since we've moved here to Cebu (I'm a native of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental). Thanks to technology, we've been reunited through Facebook and SMS. I learned later that she's been diagnosed with Lupus disease, with a secondary kidney failure. I remembered that our late President Ferdinand Marcos also suffered from this disease which had caused his death (if I'm not mistaken).

She's had this disease since 2002. With this disease, she has to undergo dialysis and injection twice a month. With the help of her family who also solicited some help from friends and from The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes, she was able to carry on with her tests, medications, dialysis, etc. She had asked help from me as well. She had asked if I can sponsor her for one session of dialysis and injection. God knows I wanted to help her but we barely have anything left after taking care of our little girl's needs and after all our bills are paid. I then resolved to gather all of our classmates in FB so we could contribute for her dialysis session. But I think everyone is experiencing crisis, I didn't get everybody to respond to the call. Somehow I felt sad but I know others also have financial problems of their own.

Now, I resolve to join contests like this so I can have extra money to sponsor her even for just a single session of her dialysis. I know that not missing any of her dialysis sessions could really help her a lot. Despite everything she is going through, she still has a very cheerful and positive outlook.

My wish (and prayer) then is not for myself. My wish is for Joevilyn to get all the help she needed to keep her alive, if not completely healed. I know that it would take a miracle to get her completely healed - but miracles are given for free!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

do you dig fashion?

Plain and simple - that would be the best phrase to describe myself. When it comes to dressing up, I'm far from being fashionable or trendy. I just want to wear clothes that will not catch anyone's attention. Coincidentally, I seem to agree with a famous writer by the name of William Somerset Maugham when he said that "The well-dressed man is he whose clothes you never notice." Yes, and that's still my aim - to be well-dressed!

If you also ask me if I ever wear any fashion jewelry, occasionally I would but that's only to accessorize myself once in a while. As far as earrings are concerned, I hardly wear any especially if they are fashion earrings because my ears would then get itchy and I would then be forced to take it off, anyway. Here are fashion jewelries that are currently in my drawer. I didn't buy these myself. I simply rummaged through my sister-in-law's giveaway stuffs.

When it comes to my daughter, that's another story. If I can afford to let her wear fashionable clothes and jewelry, I would let her wear them because she is my little doll. :-) Anyway, you can still be fashionable nowadays even if you don't spend too much, right?

She still didn't have her ears pierced just yet, by the way, because I don't think I can stand to see her cry in pain. So for now, her gift from Tita Ruthie will still have to wait until her ears are ready; or should I say "if I'm ready to have her ears pierced." :-)

How about you? What's your fashion statement?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

motherhood celebrated simple

Last weekend, I didn't have time to post about Mother's Day celebration. We spent the weekend at our in-laws' place and so we got to celebrate Mother's Day with them. We felt really special that day. It was my first time to taste Tanduay Ice which tasted like a lady's drink. It was good but I only had two shots of it.

What's a little sad about the celebration though was that someone (not a relative) mishandled the box of cake that we bought for mother-in-law. He carried the box of cake like it was just a luggage. Somehow, his intention to help carry our stuff from the car didn't do the cake any justice. I felt a little bad about it because we took the time to go to the mall to buy the cake only to get messed up like that. Anyway, I took the picture from afar and it still looked like a cake after all. :-)

I'm really blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law who treats me like her own daughter as well.  Oh, how I love all my in-laws!

a cake for mother-in-law

I thought of buying a generic Mother's Day cake for the rest of the mothers in the house (and to greet my own mom  secretly!). This one never got messed up because it was a small one and I carried it myself.

When I think of mother's day, I also think about my dear mom . In fact, I never stopped thinking about her every single day. This is why I'd like to share this picture to my friends and readers one of the last photos we had together before she passed away (barely two months after my wedding).

To my own mom, who will forever be remembered as a mother with the most wonderful and cheerful attitude, thank you for bringing me into this world. Happy Mother's Day, mom! Someday, I'll grow up to be just like you and I will then be proud of me.. :-)

Incidentally, just like Bchai's mother's day post, I also have an old picture of mom. It was her picture with our grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Can you see her in the picture? (Here's a giveaway tip: Look for the one with Chinese-looking eyes..)

On Business Cards As A Form Of Advertising

One of the ways in which you can promote your business is by giving out business cards. Business cards contain all of your business information, what kind of business you are doing, your contact details and all other pertinent information which involves the operation of your business (phone number, e-mail address, website, etc.).

Giving out business cards is a way of advertising your business. Nowadays,it shouldn't be hard to get an excellent design for your business cards. For example, if you're having a hard time making your own design, you are always welcome to use free templates online. In order to reap the benefits of advertising, you need to consider printing them with the best quality in mind and at an affordable price. Think of the following benefits and more when you have quality business cards to distribute to potential clients:

1. Giving out business cards to people you've already made business with is a good idea. If they ever want to do business with you again, especially if they're pleased or satisfied with your products, services, or ideas, your business will be the first to come to their minds; and if they have your business cards handy on their wallets, then they would not find it hard to contact you for another business offer or proposal.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

a mother's love is incomparable

Here's a story that will touch every single vein in your body. What a story this is for Mother's Day!

Would You Like To Take That Sweet Chance of Success?

When we talk about going into business, we can't help but talk about the risks involved. No matter how small the business is, we don't want to fail. However, even with the thought that the business could fail, we would always want to give it a try and hope that instead of failure, we can experience success.

Even if we start out small, there is a good chance that we will risk the amount of money we have put up for it. However, the self fulfillment and monetary rewards are great that we oftentimes cannot really help ourselves from trying. For all we know, the risk of failure can be minimized if we contemplate about getting it small business insurance.

Yes, at some point in our lives, we would dream about becoming our own employer, or our own boss. Just as going into business involves a lot of risks, being employed also means employing that risk within one's self. There is always that challenge of keeping our jobs and staying "employed".

So the choice is actually yours to take, do you want to stay or keep yourself employed and worry about losing your job at anytime or do you want to try out your chance of success in the business?

If you want to try out going into business, do what smart business owners do. Learn more about business insurance and what it can actually do to help you minimize the risks you are taking in your business. Go and get that business insurance quote before you get your business up and running. Minimize that risk so you can take that sweet chance of success. Hopefully, everything will turn out well when it's started well.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

turning redundant

I mentioned in my April post about raising puppies or dogs. Well, I didn't forget to write an update about it. After it was vaccinated, we finally had the puppy in our loving care. And yes, we didn't get a shih tzu from father-in-law (that's okay). Instead, it's a mixed breed, an "askal" or a mongrel in other words. However, I must say that this puppy was very much loved and it actually had the opportunity to get cared for by my sister-in-law's Norwegian husband. In fact, he already had this certain attachment to the puppy.

The puppy is really adorable but always wants our attention. My husband really cared for the puppy so much that sometimes I would tease him by singing in my own tune and with lyrics and words to the effect that "the puppy is so much luckier than I am because he gets a good bath and attention from him everyday".:-)

Anyway, the name of the puppy is Shut Up. Father-in-law gave that name to him. Dipdip, as you can see in the picture, also has this fondness for Shut Up.

Now we're turning redundant. I thought about our neighbors' reaction everytime they woud hear us say "Shut up, Shut Up!" :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

music monday - rainbow

For this week's Music Monday, my entry is the song called Rainbow. This is a song from my favorite Filipino band, Southborder. I love this song - the voices behind it, the melody and the lyrics! You have to listen to this, guys...

I especially dedicate this song to my very good friend. She knows who she is. :-) I don't know what she's going through right now (because she's not telling) but I hope she's okay. Hugs to you, my friend.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

the heavenly project

It's  funny how dropping some EC's have led me to read some misunderstandings over the Internet and then eventually led me to do a little charity work. I say "little" because I wished it was within my means to have given more for a wonderful cause. I have realized that somehow something good came out from some arguments over the Internet. :-) I just  followed their stories and felt a little sad about how things went with them the past week or so.

Anyway, like I said, if there was anything good that resulted from following some stories, it was because I have bumped into a post about the homeless widow and three children. I got touched by the story and wanted to pitch in some help. I know my donation was just a little amount but it was sincerely given from the heart. Well, they say the house was not fully made up yet. So, if anyone is curious about the "Heavenly Project" and its updates, just click right through this beautiful blinking badge and you will be directed to the site hosting this project.

They gave that blinking badge (also a labor of love) to me after I sent my humble donation. And oh, I also got this Letter of Commendation.

Today, I realized that it doesn't really matter if we differ in some stands or opinions. If we can agree to contribute to a beautiful mission like this, then this world will become a better place. So, if we could help out on this project, there would be one less homeless family in the world. Isn't that a good thing?

Talking About The New Normal

What's the new normal these days? This got me thinking today, and I thought I should make a list. 1. Wearing Masks. Obviously, it'...