Was he the one with...?

I have read from my mom's journal about an old neighbor's account of his bad ordeal at a certain hospital. I would not mention which hospital it was because my mom didn't mention it in her journal also. The man complained about a painful and an immobile finger. Surprisingly, it was only his forefinger. He was then being referred and sent by the company doctor to that certain hospital. At the hospital, he was asked to have a series of tests - blood, urine and other tests. What's even more surprising to him later after those tests was that he was then lifted to the stretcher and then brought to the operating room. Before he knew it, a nurse started shaving him below. He then began to worry because somehow he knew he's not supposed to be there. He then stood up and asked the attending nurse if he really needed to be operated on just because he had complained of a painful finger that wouldn't move. The nurse and her team looked surprised because they thought he was the one with appendicitis!

Oh my! You think that was funny? I think it probably would have been a reasonable ground for medical malpractice. This happened years ago, though. In the U.S., for example, I am aware that cases like this and more needed to be discussed with a personal injury lawyer, a highly recommended one that can help one seek justice for a medical ordeal. You see, the man could've gone through the knife and even those tests were totally unnecessary.

By the way, regarding the immobile finger, the neighbor later evaluated and realized that it was just a result of washing his hands after a whole day of typing at the office. :-)


  1. Ahahahah...you know, I'd freak out too, especially if someone was beginning to shave some of my private parts. ;)

    Good thing he wasn't on any anesthesia before they did the shaving!

  2. yes, he was still lucky after all

  3. Oh my goodness!!LOL! He should have asked that before they started shaving him off..

  4. Ohmygosh!!!! That's crazy. . .and scary! I couldn't help but laugh,, though!


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