a thought on insurance

We've always known the importance of securing our family's future, especially on the aspect of health and wellness. This is why we never run out of vitamins and supplements at home. Health is even more important to us now that our work at home job does not have the benefit of a health insurance even though it pays better and that we have the luxury of doing both our jobs in the comfort of our home. Yes, when we were once employed outside our home, we had that health benefit and Dipdip was even included in the coverage. Now that we are no longer connected to that company, we no longer have that kind of insurance and it's like everyday we are all wishing and praying we will always be in the best of health. Now, we're saving up for a health insurance. I know that we can scout for a lot of insurance providers here in our country, though. Husband has an insurance that he's been paying since he was still single but it's a retirement insurance, somewhat likened to a pension that can be ultimately enjoyed only during his retirement. Hopefully, we get to choose the best health insurance for us soon so that we won't live in fear and uncertainty.


  1. I hope you guys do find a suitable health insurance coverage. Luckily, you're all healthy, and nothing major has happened to Dipx2 (knock on wood). ;)

  2. Best wishes with your search for good health insurance! I'm glad that you want it for your family, I agree it is important to have. I can't imagine how much money we would have lost over the years had we not had any!


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