the siblings

We've all grown so much. Me and my siblings. I never thought we'd be living apart but then again when I got married and when these two brothers of mine already got their jobs abroad, it was already hard to keep the four of us together. Right now, brother McAldz is with dad in Medellin, Cebu and my sister has a job in the city. And brother J is in Bahrain still. I wonder when all four of us can have the time to be together with our dad?

Even though this wasn't beautifully taken, I guess I'll just have to hold on to this 2006 picture of the four of us being together in the photo.


  1. Nice shot of your and your siblings! Don't worry, I think you all will have a chance to get together sometime soon.

    This shot of you and your siblings looks like a band group! Rock on! ;)

    So what's the birth order with you guys?

  2. LOL.. two of the sibs there had scary eyes. thanks to the camera. :-)

    the one in white polo shirt there is the eldest (McAldz); i'm second to the eldest; next to me is the one in black, brother J; the youngest is Jem - the one in pink and holding the drumsticks

  3. That's so nice that you have three siblings!!! I have my one brother but we have different moms so we weren't raised together (so I was basically an only child). I love the idea of bigger families. . .although for my husband and me I think we'll only be having one more. How many kids do you plan to have?

  4. andrea, that's a hard question.. i'll let you know if we would ever decide on having a second child :-)


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