the second first birthday celebration

Last weekend, as I mentioned earlier, we were at our in-laws to celebrate Easter Sunday with them. Among other occasions to celebrate (hubby's two cousins graduated from the Nursing course), they also held a little celebration for Dipdip's first birthday. So, literally, it was dipdip's second first birthday celebration. I don't have pictures to show yet since we have already returned Papa's handycam and we weren't able to download the pictures and videos prior to leaving the gadget to the rightful owner. I was able to take a shot of the balloons from my own injured camera though before it automatically shut off because I forgot to charge the batteries.

Hopefully, I will update this post with pictures of Dipdip with her cousins wearing party hats. Hmmm, looks like everybody's spoiling my princess... Thanks to all the sponsors! :-)

By the way, I'm no longer expecting a third first birthday celebration but.... who knows? hahaha


  1. And who doesn't love more birthday parties? Glad to see you and the family had a great celebration! I'm sure Dipx2 had an awesome time too. The more cake, the merrier! ;)

  2. That's so fun that she had another birthday celebration!

    Happy belated Easter! I've been meaning to thank you for the comments on my blog a couple of weeks ago as well as my music monday this week - and I'm sorry you were under the weather for awhile, I hope it was nothing serious and am glad that you are okay now.

  3. @bchai: you're right, LOL. i'm already happy how her first birthday celebration turned out though


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