on seminars and memoirs

I love seminars! One of the activities that I miss from being an office employee was going to seminars. Yes, once in a while, we get to attend seminars that could really enrich and help us to become better employees and better individuals. I was looking at old pictures and found these pictures from my Multiply account. These are pictures from one of the echo seminars that I've attended.

receiving my certificate for having attended the seminar

showing off our certificates.  i knew we learned a lot but right now, i couldn't remember what was that seminar all about. all I remembered was that this was a fun seminar.

here's the best part of the seminar - eating time! hehehe

After some careful analysis, I realized that I missed eating from Jollibee a lot. I guess it's time to let Dip-dip meet the happy bee. :-)


  1. LOL...I love the expression you have while you're holding your certificate (1st picture from the top). It's so cute! You look excited completing the seminar. ;)

    (I wish they had a Jollibee here!)

  2. yeah, i was excited because finally, we get to go home.. LOL
    why don't you put up a Jollibee franchise then? :-)

  3. I wish! The only Jollibee I've been to was in San Diego. I wish they'd put some on the East coast. ;)

  4. I'm glad you had such great experiences at your seminars.

    I've never heard of Jollibee, but after reading your and Bchai's comments I'm interested!


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