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After we lost "Finch", a family dog from my side of the family, when he got bitten by a stray dog and was able to witness him dying, my fascination for pets or dogs started to dwindle. However, about a month ago, hubby had been meaning to have some pets around our house because he wants to develop our little daughter's fondness for animals. He thinks it is a good sign that Dipdip has fondness for stuffed animals. We have also noticed that whenever she sees cats or dogs everytime we are at the in-laws' place, she would instantly scream in delight. So now, I think I look forward to a pet in the family.

I got inspired a little more when we saw beautiful puppies for sale online.

There are also dogs for sale but we'd like to have us a cuddly puppy so we can raise and let them grow into a beautiful and well behaved dog.

Last Saturday, when we were heading home from beach day at Lingay Beach Resort, a furry dog caught my attention because it was sitting on the chair.

I think that was the kind of breed that I want for a puppy. When I asked one of my in-laws inside the van if he had any idea what kind of breed that dog was, he was not sure but he thinks it's a Shih Tzu. I believe it's hard to identify some of the breeds anymore especially if some owners have sought the aid of stud dogs for breeding.

Well, we really have a whole lot to learn about raising puppies or dogs. My father-in-law has promised us that we'll be having a new puppy soon. It's still a newborn puppy and it will still have to undergo vaccination before he sends it over to us for our care. I am definitely looking forward to blog further about it but for the record, my father-in-law already had a name for it and that name is "Shut Up". How's that for a name? :-)


  1. A pet would be a nice addition to the family, provided that it's well behaved. I think Dipx2 would have fun with a family pet, especially if it "grows up" with her, right? They'll be attached to each other.

    As long as its temperament is compatible with children (esp. small ones), then I think it'd be a great idea for you guys to adopt one.

    I wonder what kind of dog you'll get? ;)

  2. hahaha.. i just asked them for the breed and they said it's a mixed breed between a shih tzu and an "askal" but the dominant breed is "askal" - short for "asong kalye" :-)

  3. Oh that would be so fun for DipDip (and you, of course) to get a puppy! :-) I've heard Shih tzus are great dogs.


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