on a more serious note...

Did you remember how you vowed to your spouse to be with each other "for richer or for poorer", etc., during your wedding day? I don't know how many recessions and financial difficulties we will be experiencing together but hubby and I have promised to hold on to that promise, no matter what.

Looking back, we were really in a tough financial situation when hubby temporarily lost his job because of the recession. Even though the company gave them their retrenchment benefit, still it wasn't enough for our future expenses considering that I was pregnant at that time and almost due for delivery. We really need to prepare for the future expenses especially for the baby's needs. There's also the need for house improvement since we need to construct rooms for it. Good thing that hubby's life insurance has the benefit of personal loans which really helped us a lot to get through our financial woes.

Loans are not that bad at all, if availed for the right purpose. I'm really thankful for these financial institutions. Without them, we could have gone to money lenders which offer loans with very high interest rates. For now, we are still paying the loan at an affordable interest rate.

It really pays to save for the rainy days, especially in these trying times. It's better to have a little amount saved than none at all before financial problems strike. We are now contemplating on augmenting our income for our baby's future since relying on the salary alone is not enough because our baby's needs are increasing.


  1. It's good that you and your hubby are doing everything to be financially stable. It's hard, especially when the economy's on the down slope.

    I also think that you both are wonderful parents to keep thinking of Dipx2's future and saving for her needs. She'll thank you two for it one of these days. ;)

    By the way, is that your stairwell in the picture? I can't really tell. Your house is finished, right?

  2. bchai, thanks.. yes, that's still how the stairwell looked like up until today. LOL. we're done with the rooms. and the ceiling upstairs. there are more improvements that need to be done for the house (including the paint) but we're still saving up for it. they weren't finished when we moved here. :-) for now, i'll just think of it as a vintage house hehehe

  3. Wow, that's kinda neat to actually have hands-on experience with your home. You can both "personalize" it with your individual touches. You and your hubby can actually say you built the house with your own two hands, esp. if you guys were in charge of the home improvements. :)

    Makes it more special that way, I think.

  4. thanks bchai.. we're actually looking forward to see some beauty and improvement in the house soon

  5. Great post, so true! You and your husband are great role models to your little girl!


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