now they sell textbooks cheap

When I was in college, I wasn't able to buy all the textbooks that were required for all of my subjects. I was hesitant to ask additional money for textbooks from my parents because I know they have already stretched the family budget just so they could be able to send for my allowance, tuition and other school needs. What I usually do is spend some time on the library to borrow and read the book which cannot be brought home. Yes, I was always visible at the library. Sometimes, though, when the reading would take too long, I would have the pages photocopied so that I will have to read them at home. Nowadays, it is easier to acquire the textbooks that you need at a lower cost because there are now used textbooks that are sold online. Come to think of it, it is more practical for people to sell textbooks that they no longer have any use for rather than to have them rot in their homes. In a way, they are helping other people to acquire the books at a cheaper price. If only there was anything like this way back, where I can also be assured that all pages are intact, I would have been able to buy Psychology, Management, and Law books. Oh well, books or no books, at least I made it in college! :-)


  1. When I was taking classes, the schools would come up with "revised" editions of a textbook, so it sort of forced you to buy a new book every so often. At least the college I was going to did that. LOL.

    But textbooks are a pain in the butt, esp. when you have to buy 3 or 4 just for one class! ;)


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