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mommy moments

Am I late for Mommy Moments? Yours truly wants to catch up! The theme is all about RED. I love red, they say it is my lucky color. However, I wasn't quite sure why pictures in red are quite limited. So now, I'll have to use old pictures again because I realized that my daughter too didn't have too much of this color. I wouldn't be surprised if hubby doesn't have any red stuff, though.

I let her wear red during the reception of her baptism. There goes the red bracelet, too. She was about four months old then.

She also has a red rag doll. Well, dipdip is already sleeping now, I forgot to do a photo er video op with her holding this earlier.

I like her pose right here so this has to be part of her red moments.

Here's another family pic where I wore an old red shirt.

I'd like to take the chance to thank my sister-in-law for the new red pair of sandals that she gave me when she was here. I really love it! Somehow she just knew what I wanted. The size fits perfectly right because she had asked hubby without my knowledge. Well, the nanny just said it's not really red but maroon but I would like to insist that it is red so that I could add it here. Thank you Ruthie and Geir :-) 


  1. how cute! my little got that Ansherina too :)

    u may view mine here

  2. nice doll she got there! mine is up and its in

  3. I love red! Those are some cute pictures! Enjoy the shoes!

    I like your new header - I'm going to grab your new badge!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog this week. I appreciated your support on my defending-my-blog post, your birthday wish for Logan, the nice words you said about his birth story, and also about his party and your compliment to me :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Ang ganda nang meme nyo tungkol sa color red. That you rummage through your file of photos made the post more meaningful and memorable. You have a good family portrait. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. awww, the your daughter is so cute in that red dress. I remember one of my dolls during my childhood while looking at that doll picture with red suit. Happy MM!

  6. Red is definitely your color, hun! I love red too, so you're a woman of my own heart. LOL. ;)

    I love the red sandals---they look so comfortable too. Have you been able to wear it out?

    Also, great shots of the family in red. It really does look great on you all!

  7. hi meretrisha, i have an award for you in my blog. please check it out.

    red???? hmm.. i was trying to place a red colored font for this comment but it's not allowed. LOL.

    happy blogging!

  8. @marice: good to know your daughter plays with ansherina doll, too
    @jenn: hello mommy jen. take it easy on your pregnancy. hopefully you can join us at the mommy moments soon
    @anne: thanks. visited your entry too
    @andrea: thanks. i meant every word
    @melcole: thanks for the compliment. visited yours!
    @bchai: thank you. yes, i wore them whenever we go out. i can't let you see them on my feet, i haven't got my toes pedicured LOL
    @sheryl: thanks for the award! i'll do mine later :-)

  9. @brother mel: thank you always for the nice words. god bless you always and happy wedding anniversary again to you and your wife!

  10. wow! is that an ANSHERINA rag doll? my eldest used to have one.. very cute!

  11. Hello po,
    Nagtataka lng po kung san nyo nabili yung ansherina doll. I now live sa America and can't get a hold of one. I wanted to buy sana for my Ate nung na punit ko yung dati nyang dol. I'm now 18 and hoping to give her a new Ansherina doll for Christmas. Please reply back.

    thank you.

  12. hi! pwede po malaman kung saan meron ansherina dolls? parang di na ako nakakakita sa mall (o dahil di ko lang napapansin kasi baby boy ang chikiting ko). meron ako dati pero baka nawala na sa paglilipat namin ng bahay :( TIA!



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