home owner's meeting update

So yesterday, the first home owner's meeting happened. The developer met with us to inform us that since all units were already occupied, we need to form a home owner's association because they are going to turn over most of the responsibilities to the association with regards to the implementation of the rules and regulations. It was also our time to get to know the rest of the people in the neighborhood because we only knew a few. Anyway, I still can't remember most of their names, just their faces. We have yet to elect officers in the future but for the meantime we have appointed members of the ad hoc committee - these are our key people who will work on the by-laws of the association. Well, my husband was appointed  as one of the members of that committee. Oh, and Juliet got appointed, too! I'm happy because finally my shy husband will now interact with this committee. It's a good training ground for him if ever he wants to be a politician someday, LOL.


  1. LOL...awesome. I'm sure he'd make a really great officer, esp. when you're there to offer "advice." ;)

    Congrats to your hubby and Juliet, by the way!

  2. hubby says thank you for wishing him well :-)

  3. Congrats ni Step and Juliet :-) ...btw, please send me an empty message at dr_tambigs@yahoo.com.ph kay naa ko i ask nimo. thanks

  4. Wow congrats to your hubby. It would be indeed a good practice if he wants to be in politics!

  5. Thanks Bchai and Ysiad! and to you meretrisha for the post hehehe


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