hair or no hair

posted with husband's permission

Even before we got married, husband already noticed that he is starting to lose his hair. Yes, he has HIV – his "hair is vanishing". :-) He said there is a good chance that he will turn bald after a few more years. In fact, he said he had proposed to me a little earlier than he should because he wanted to be married before he loses his charisma because of his thinning hair. Oh well, he thinks that was a good joke.

It is my husband's dream to grow back his hair. He had wanted so much to prevent himself from getting bald. And so I supported him with his dream. At first he had tried an over the counter shampoo we bought at Watson's with the active ingredient "Minoxidil" that is said to stimulate growth of hair but after a few months of spending for it and getting no results, he finally gave up on the expense. If only we can afford a hair transplant, I would've supported him on that just so he can feel good about himself. Today, he has read reviews about provilus and how some men were able to grow their hair back through this product. A whattt? He was not even sure about the spelling. Now this was something new so he looks eager to learn more about it and I was like asking him to "why not try the Aloe Vera plant first"?

Oh well - hair or no hair, I will always love and respect him!


  1. LOL...your hubby still looks like he has a full head of hair. No worries! I guess men are more sensitive to that kind of thing.

    Has he considered shaving it all off? LOL. Just kidding. I think your hubby looks fine with the hair he has now. ;)

  2. He looks like he's doing great, I know so many men who have lost much more than that by now. But I can understand the anxiety as I would certainly not like to go bald! That's good they are making so many products to help men, so maybe in the future no men will lose their hair. But I agree, from a wife's perspective we love our hubbys just the same :-)

  3. @bchai: he didn't want to shave it all of. he's afraid it won't grow back
    @andrea: yeah.. i'll take him just the way he is


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