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It's Friday and you guys already know what that means - it's Mommy Moments time! Well, let's get down to the theme. It's all about Yellow. Mommies get to share "yellow" kids' stuff.

Well, let me just share to you that my Dipdip's favorite cartoon character is Winnie The Pooh. So, that is why we have come to love Pooh as well. These photos were taken just today, an exclusive shoot for the Mommy Moments :-)

I just remembered she also wore yellow the morning of her birthday. She was trying to be a singer but ended up dancing, anyway. :-)


  1. your daughter is so lovely. the winnie the pooh is so cute
    Here's My Entry

  2. How CUTE! Look at Dipx2 with Poohbear. They make a fine pair! ;) she likes Winnie the Pooh, huh? That's good to know...

    (I love how you guys have Pooh all dressed up there.)

  3. Pooh and your daughter are cute :) That's a huggable yellow.

  4. @redamethyst: thanks, you've got nice yellow moments too. thanks for sharing as well
    @bchai: yes she's a fan of Pooh. thanks but the credit for dressing it up goes to the nanny, LOL
    @judys424: thanks!

  5. awww such a cutie :) and who doesnt love pooh!
    u may view mine here

  6. cute kaau si dipdip asta si winnnie with her glasses on. :)

  7. I have seen lots of pooh items in MM lately. So many kids love pooh. Cute choice! Happy yellow MM mommy!

  8. winnie the pooh! when i was younger, i liked him too!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Winnie The Pooh!!!! Those pics are absolutely ADORABLE.


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