free wordpress themes, anyone?

Do these words "free wordpress themes" interest you? My blog isn't run on wordpress but I thought I should share this information because I've got lots of friends and visitors to my site who have blogs that are ran on wordpress platform. For those of you who are thinking of giving another look to your wordpress blogs, check out the link so you can download free wordpress  blog templates. Surely you won't have a hard time looking for the most relevant template for your blogs if you make use of the "Most Popular keywords" menu in your search. Navigate freely into their helpful menus and choose your themes with ease. Don't we just love free stuff? This is really worth checking out!


  1. Who doesn't like free WP themes? I tried it out on my other blog, and it really worked fine. A lot of the coolest themes I've found for WP were free. ;)

    'Course, it's even cooler that some coders can make a WP theme into one for Blogger. ;)

  2. you're right. i wish they have templates for blogger too

  3. I'll have to remember this if I ever make another wordpress blog. I tried it briefly but found it more confusing that blogger, however I know a lot of other people like it.

  4. Of course people like free WordPress themes and there is nothing wrong about it. People always try and prefers free things over paid ones and this is major in the case of templates, plugins and other similar stuffs. The choice of these free WordPress themes is simply up to one’s personal choice and requirements.


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