chronicling our life as parents

Hello guys. I'm inviting you to my other blog which talks about our life as parents. Since this walk through life blog is more or less a general blog, I thought of coming up with a specific parenting blog. I've just started out writing my first post and I don't have any followers yet. I hope to see you guys out there if you would love to. I have yet to figure out how to add my blog as a new tab or something. And I am still looking for the perfect template.  Suggestions are welcome but I'll have to take a sleep for now.

I'll be adding my blogroll later. May my best friend Google find it and index it soon and hopefully give it a decent pagerank. :-) .


  1. I'll definitely check it out, hun. ;)

    Count me in as one of your followers!

  2. I added it to my list of favorites! I look forward to reading :-)


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