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What are your reasons for having a basement in the house? Well, we don't have a basement constructed in our house but if you ask me, here are some probable reasons for having a basement:

1) You need some neat place to store some stuffs you won't be needing for a long time. For example, this can be a good place to store some of your belongings, like wedding gifts and some old furniture that don't have any more place in the key parts of the house.

2) For some people, they would make an extra bedroom right on the basement so they can accommodate some of their relatives for a sleepover.

3) Some would also create a basement because they want to have a place to go to if they want to have some peace and quiet to themselves.

4) Sometimes, the basement can also serve as a hideaway wherein one can make a secret passage leading to the basement in case a threat of danger is approaching.

If you have reasons for having a basement in the home, you should also consider Waterproofing Basement Walls to make sure that this part of the house and everything that's in there is well maintained and free from any moisture leaks.

The basement is often one of the most overlooked parts of the house especially if homeowners hardly think about visiting it. This should not be the case especially if the basement is there for a reason.


  1. I'd love to have a basement as a personal space for myself in the house. I don't know if they're common here in South Carolina, but I know basements aren't really popular in Florida and other states with low elevations. LOL. I guess flooding would be a problem.

    Still, it'd be nice to have a finished basement for an extra office or game room. ;)

  2. yeah, that's a cool idea -- the extra office or game room

  3. Thanks for the tips! We plan to finish our basement next year. Right now we just have boxes and storage down there, but we'd like to make it into a recreation room with a bathroom and maybe another bedroom. Hopefully it won't be too stressful!


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